What a week

Notes from S&S, Odie Sanchez

Is it the weekend yet?

Here is what has been happening in the week that was:

Monday: What a busy start to the week. I arrived at work a little dis-heartened becuase my foster dog Jedi had still not been adopted. Taking matters in to my own hands I phoned around everyone I knew who may be interested in the worlds nicest dog before getting a phone call from the lovely Lisa who I had been chatting to all year in the hope I could find her a new dog for her family. She came out to the shelter with her kids and her partner Sean, (who is also the co-host of 102.9 Hot Tomato’s breakfast show). I am fairly certain it was love at first sight. They took Jedi home late Monday afternoon and I have been getting facebook updates about his progress ever since. I look forward to hearing the adventures of newly named JED on the radio in the future.

Monday also saw our new keyrings arriving to S&S HQ! Don’t they look great? Buy yours by emailing: sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

Tuesday: What a day Tuesday was. Tuesday saw our longest resident Greyhound Hugo find his forever home! The entire shelter stopped to say goodbye to this beautiful boy and we were all so happy that he would never spend another night in a kennel.. His new owner intends on showering him with love and affection.We have lots of Greyhounds waiting for their forever homes. Some of which I have written about here

Farewell mate!! – We will miss you!!

Tuesday was also the day I was reunited with two of the little Rotti pups who I spent the night awake with a few weeks ago bottle feeding every two hours. They are now five weeks old and will spend the next 3 weeks living at my place getting bigger and fatter..

Rotty pups at 2 weeks old

Check out their video they are sooo cute! Han’s has his hands full teaching them who’s boss!

Rotty pups at 5 weeks old

Wednesday: Puppy central! I got to work to find that Jack & Rosie the Border Collie pups our photographer Jane had on foster are ready to be desexed and put up for adoption. These guys will be great playmates for a family that are able to spend time running around the backyard or a farm with them. They are so much fun!

Keeping on top of all the Sausage & Sanchez orders I went home and got to work on a new coat for a little Dachshund named Molly. Her new Strawberries & Creme coat looks just fabulous on Hans Sausage. (Although he did not seem to impressed in his new pink attire).

Thursday: Today I checked up on the Sharpei Mum who gave birth at our shelter to 7 little puppies. They will all need to go out on foster with their mumma to grow big and strong. They are so tiny and we think they are crossed with a Staffy. She is such a good mum.

Look out for tomorrow’s aritcle where I will post lots of new pix of animals waiting for their forever homes. It’s been a busy week!