Han’s Sausage & his blue balls

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I was tinkering around today and thought I would get a little creative and pull apart an old blanket that was stating to fade. Han’s is obsessed with squeaky toys and so I set about inventing something that would keep him busy and that wouldn’t be destroyed in 2 minutes flat. I think the results were pretty impressive and Hans loves it!

For those of you who like to recycle as well… Here is what I did…


What you will need

Old blanket (see below)
Sewing Machine
Needle & thread
Crazy Dachshund

Old Blanket – I loved this one because it was a knit and Han’s teeth can penetrate it without ripping SUCCESS!!

Step 1: Cut out circle shape

Step 2: Sew both pieces together

Step 3: fill with stuffing

Step 4: Insert squeaker

Step 5: Hand stitch closed

Step 6: Give to your pooch and watch them try to destroy it.