Give a dog a……..Makeover??

Animal Welfare League of Qld, Photographers

Meet Milo and Mango.. Two 4 year old Cocker Spaniels x Mini Poodles.

Mango and his brother Milo have been together for their entire lives. Due to the ill health of their owner who loved them dearly they had to be surrendered to the Animal Welfare League of Qld.

When they arrived at the shelter their hair was badly matted, they smelled and had dreadlocks. Their personalities however remained in tact.

A little out of sorts and not knowing why they now called the shelter home, AWLQ staff thought they would be the perfect candidates for a day at the groomers in a bid to help them not only find a home sooner, but also feel happier and knot free..

Enter… Bella’s Pampered Paws

Bella’s Pampered Paws on the Gold Coast is a dog grooming business where your dog can be groomed in the comfort of a home environment. Bella’s Pampered Paws is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction when it comes to your dog grooming or Poodle grooming needs. Owner Leah was kind enough to give these two pooches the royal treatment.

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Check out Milo getting de-matted

Only a ‘little bit’ of the hair taken off Milo and Mango

After their day at the groomers Milo and Mango were lucky enough to have their photos taken by the lovely Diana from K9 Photography and they looked a million dollars!! (and knew it too).

Check out the behind the scenes action on YouTube here:


Don’t they look incredible! Mango (as seen above) is such a snuggly little mate. He is always up for a cuddle and will nestle right in to you. He knows how to sit and is very well behaved. Milo has a little more energy. Definitely the more dominant of the two but still just as personable.

Check out the professional shots by K9 Photography

HAPPY ENDING: Less than 24 hours after their makeover Milo and Mango were adopted and will be the new best friends of two very happy little boys.

Ben Wood Photography


I was browsing through one of my favourite dog blogs FOURANDSONS When I came across Ben Wood and his delightful whippet babies. I am a huge fan of Whippets, part of the sighthound family, they are playful, intelligent and the miniature version of a Greyhound.. They are quite and gentle and are happy to spend the day napping and chilling out (again much like their Greyhound cousins).

Like Ben says in his Four and Sons interview when asked why did you decide to adopt a Whippet….

“When I moved over to Melbourne I moved into a three storey townhouse so it meant the big dogs I had always owned wouldn’t be appropriate. I considered a Dachshund until I realised the stairs would make them into a slinky. So I chose a whippet as I heard they slept a lot each day and generally did their own thing. They don’t smell, they barely lose hair, they don’t need constant attention and they have a good temperament so I’m really happy I got one by chance. And of course one good whippet deserves another so now we have Billy”.

Turns out Ben is also a photographer – check out these photos of him and his darling Whippets Lily and Billy here