Dogs in Cafe’s – (the great divide)

Notes from S&S

Dog’s in cafes.. It is a topic on the Gold Coast that ruffles residents feathers every time it is brought up.. Which is why when the question was asked in the Gold Coast Bulletin today there was a colourful commentary¬† and a poll that had a dog hair margin of people who thought it was o.k to have their 4-legged pals dine with them for brunch. (52% of voters in agreeance compared to 48% against). Read the article here

The Gold Coast is becoming more and more UN-pet friendly with stats from the Animal Welfare League of Queensland constantly stating that the main reason an animal is surrendered is because the owner is a renter and cannot find any pet friendly accommodation in highrises, duplex’s and estates. The lack of this type of housing puts an added pressure on the non-profit charity who have a growing wait list of people who have to part with their companion animals, not because they can’t afford them or no longer want them but because they themselves will become homeless unless they give up their animal.

Think about how much you love your animals and then think about if you needed to move from your current home, (say the lease is up, the rental is being sold or the property is being taken over by new management). I would be devastated if I had to surrender my Hans Sausage & Odie Sanchez to an animal refuge just because the city I called home had limited pet friendly rentals. I simply could not fathom that kind of predicament and do not envy anyone who finds themslef in this situation.

And it’s not just the renters who this applies to. More and more community living is emerging around South East Queensland and on the Gold Coast especially, and the body corporates of these dwellings are insisting on property owners either

A. have no animals allowed


B. are only allowed to have an animal 10kgs or lighter.

What sort of free country are we living in where even when you own your own home someone else is allowed to dictate to you how many animals you are allowed to have and how big those animals are allowed to be.. The Gold Coast City Council also has a 2 dogs only policy for each home owner (which could soon be under review fingers crossed) whereby if you would like to own a 3rd dog you need to purchase a permit. WHICH COSTS QUITE A LOT OF MONEY I MIGHT ADD!

There has been a shift in trends where people are having kids later in life or choosing to fore-go them altogether, which is why when they adopt an animal more often than not that dog is treated as a member of the family. Most sleep inside (and most likely on their owners bed). Pet owners have a bond with their pets which can be likened to that of kids. Sometimes companion pets act as a trial run before people decide to get pregnant or completely hate the idea, ( I hear this ALL THE TIME).

So back to Dogs in cafes, Why is it OK to take screaming babies to fine dining restaurants or to breast feed in public but when you stop for a bit of brunch after a run on the beach with your dog on a Sunday morning  your local cafe is at risk of a $1500.

Hopefully with a new Mayor these rules will change, (Tom Tate was quoted in the article stating he was a dog lover and he didn’t see a problem with it). At least give restaurant and cafe owners the choice to decide for themselves whether or not they will allow diners of the 4-legged variety to enter. (I for one will fully support any cafe in my neck of the woods who will allow my Sausage and Sanchez to hang ten while I meet a friend for coffee).

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Happy long weekend!

Love Brooke, Hans Sausage & Odie Sanchez