We love our S&S Fans


We love getting fan photos with their new Sausage & Sanchez gear.. Meet Fabel the most adorable little girl whose mother Amy bought her the entire S&S toy range. They live in Tasmania and I know Fabel is going to the stylish little girl in town!

Tearing up her new Scottie РDoo  Squeaker Toy

Mac & Clara are the coolest kids at the gym in their Bully pull over sweaters.

Our Favourite Pug Rufio from Treats-a-la-Bark

Barnaby from Sydney won’t let anyone near his Scottie-Doo Squeaker.

Odie Sanchez approved!

(This adorable little Mexican knows when he is on to a good thing).

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The Duck Squarker

Notes from S&S

Meet the Duck Squarker – New to Sausage & Sanchez.

Hans has been product testing all week and doing everything he can to destroy it but so far – NO SUCCESS – which means I will be selling them online in the coming days.

They are made from felt filled with polyfill and includes a squeaker – HANS LOVES IT!!!

$8.50 to purchase email sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

Got Fans? S&S sure do!

Hans Sausage, Notes from S&S, Odie Sanchez

Hans Sausage & Odie Sanchez are becoming more and more popular by the day, This I knew… What I didn’t know is that they would start getting fan mail!! Han’s was even sent a wooden Dachshund all the way from Sweden! Check it out below….

If you would like to send S&S a present or a product to review please email sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

What is this thing mum???

Presents?? Don’t mind if I do!

Love letters…….But mum it says its from Butch…. Butch is a girls name… right… (gulp)…

Love and Licks the celebs…¬†Previously known as Odie and Hans. xoxo

Han’s Sausage Loves Toys.

Hans Sausage, Notes from S&S, Odie Sanchez

What is your dogs favourite toy? Han’s is a sucker for a plushie, (mostly because I think he likes getting to the stage where he has chewed through the material to reach the fluffy mess making fantasia that awaits him on the inside).

Odie on the other hand loves KONGS. He goes absoloutely gaga when the KONG is out to play and goes from a sleeping angel to an angry, lip snarling, pocket rocket in a moments notice. (I promise to one day film it beacuase it really is quite funny).

While he should br promoting his OWN range of LOVELY BONES I couldn’t help but share this video of Hans tucking in to the new shipment of Purina products that was sent to our office.. This dog gets away with EVERYTHING.

Happy Tuesday!