Unconditional Love (Pet Rescue)

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I was very excited to see this book published. I love reading happy rehoming stories and this book is full of them.Image I was even more excited because I am in it! Well, my words are. I wrote an article about Delilah the Kelpie featured on the 2012 Big Brother and the impact she has had on bringing shelter animals into the spotlight since leaving.

You can read it below

Delilah:  The AWLQ’s homegrown star!

This story is a joy to write because its message of hope and optimism is one that will surely resonate with everyone who reads it.

‘Delilah’ is a beautiful, sweet three year old Red Kelpie who was found wandering, lonely and homeless, in a Southeast Queensland shire.

After she came into the care of the AWLQ, she was desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and put up for adoption.

Meanwhile, AWLQ was contacted by Channel 9’s hit TV show ‘Big Brother’ who were looking for an ‘Australian looking dog’ to fill the upcoming role of BFF for the housemates in the 2012 edition of the show, filmed locally at ‘Dreamworld’ on the Gold Coast’.

She was then introduced to Big Brother executives who immediately approved her inclusion in the show.

Whilst waiting for her entry into the Big Brother house, ‘Delilah’ enjoyed an extensive foster period, spending this time both at her foster home and the AWLQ head office entertaining staff volunteers with her antics.

From the moment ‘Delilah’ made her first appearance in the BB house, she became an instant fan favorite and a trusted and loving companion to the housemates.

She was seen dressing up in outfits made by Stacey and playing cricket with the boys and also made herself at home in the kitchen, where she took on the role of official ‘taste tester’ for Stacey’s infamous ‘dip’!

Because of her huge popularity, ‘Delilah’ lived in the Big Bother house with the housemates until the end of the show, a total of 42 days.

‘Delilah’s’  inclusion on Big Brother was a great opportunity to show the Australian public that pets from shelters make wonderful ‘housemates’ and we are proud that she was such a great ambassador for the thousands of homeless dogs waiting in shelters and pounds for their chance at a loving home.

We sincerely hopes that “Delilah’ has succeeded in convincing viewers to adopt a shelter dog and help  put an immediate stop to the loss of the 200,000+ animals who will be euthanased in pounds and shelters across Australia each year.

The AWLQ thanks Big Brother for inviting ‘Delilah’ into his house and for taking great care of her by monitoring her 24/7 during her stay. Regular visits were also made by AWLQ staff to ensure her health and well being were being maintained.

‘Delilah’ now lives on a large property with her foster family where she can run like the wind and swim and play with her two dog brothers.

She will continue to act as an ambassador for shelter pets and work with the AWLQ to promote shelter adoptions and responsible pet ownership.

‘Delilah’ is just one of over 130,000 wonderful, loving and deserving animals the Animal Welfare League has rehomed since its founding in Southport in 1959.

Without the diligence, care and hard work by the AWLQ, these dogs and cats would not have been adopted into their own loving homes where they could enjoy great lives with their families.

‘Delilah’ got her 2nd chance and her own home but there are many of her dog (and cat!) friends who are still currently waiting for their own ‘forever’ homes at the three AWLQ re homing centres on the Gold Coast, Beenleigh, and Ipswich.

They may not all get to become a national TV star across Australia like “Delilah’ did but they will all definitely have the opportunity to find their own special home.

Please come visit one of our rehoming centres today and find your very own special dog or cat to ‘star’ in your own family’s story.

The AWLQ has been a part of Queensland’s families for 53 years and we ALWAYS  say, ‘Choose to adopt because one choice can change a life!’.

Your ‘Delilah’ is waiting for you right now at your nearest shelter!


The day Hans met Delilah

Hans Sausage

I knew it would happen – but I didn’t think at the age of one I would be needing to sit Hans down for ‘the talk’.

Hans has a crush….

A big one…

On a celebrity..

Named Delilah.

Han’s met Delilah when she stopped by for a playdate after an appearance for the AWLQ. Han’s had never met a dog with such long legs before. He hangs with the likes of the Sanchez and his two Foxi x cousins who are all much smaller than him.

When he met Delilah, he was hooked.. He followed her around for hours and just stared at her. They played and played until they could play no more. Curling up with one another for a nap. BLISS.. He was most devestated when she left and he tries everyday to come to work so he might be able to see her again. AINT LOVE GRAND!?! 1 2 3 4 5