My week in photos

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Odie came to work with me today – here he is suited up!

The Gold Coast Bulletin came to the shelter to photograph Neil Anderson out founding member of AWLQ. At 92 years of age this legend is still on the board and making improvements in all areas of animal welfare

Hans spent most of the day in bed


Poppy is an ex AWLQ dog who now lives an exciting life riding around on a scooter with her mum who works in the AWLQ vet clinic – isn’t her riding getup fab!?


Today we had a special surprise from Big Brothers Mike Goldman – he loves the shelter and helps out whenever he can


Today was also the day I fell in love with Nicole and Rudy the Maltese x Jack Russell Terriers – can you blame me?



Turns out I wasn’t the only one – I paid the Big Brother set a visit in the afternoon and was treated like a rock star when everyone saw the puppies – I’m now known as the lady with the cute puppies – there are worse nicknames I guess

Sonia Kruger with AWLQ Puppies

Celebrity puppies need shades to protect their eyes from the spotlight 🙂

Mike Goldman checking out evictee Mikkayla’s puppies

project puppies – find Rudy and Nicole a home


How could these guys be split up – they couldn’t – lucky their new owners thought the same and adopted both! Stoked!!!
I also met cookie and sweetpea the cats who needed a home together – they were breeding cats and took a while to come out of their shell but luckily their personalities and stunning looks found them a new home in no time flat



Hans wanted to come to work but I said no – too busy – this is his unimpressed face

Odie laughed and said sucked in – nice.

Got to work and found another Sausage & Sanchez both looking for a new home meet them at

The day Hans met Delilah

Hans Sausage

I knew it would happen – but I didn’t think at the age of one I would be needing to sit Hans down for ‘the talk’.

Hans has a crush….

A big one…

On a celebrity..

Named Delilah.

Han’s met Delilah when she stopped by for a playdate after an appearance for the AWLQ. Han’s had never met a dog with such long legs before. He hangs with the likes of the Sanchez and his two Foxi x cousins who are all much smaller than him.

When he met Delilah, he was hooked.. He followed her around for hours and just stared at her. They played and played until they could play no more. Curling up with one another for a nap. BLISS.. He was most devestated when she left and he tries everyday to come to work so he might be able to see her again. AINT LOVE GRAND!?! 1 2 3 4 5

Delilah leaves BIG BROTHER

Animal Welfare League of Qld

Tonight millions will tune in to watch Delilah, everyone’s favorite housemate leave the Big Brother house. What started as a two week stint was quickly extended thanks to the positive feedback by viewers and fans of the show.

Delilah has become the poster pooch for shelter dogs and especially the AWLQ, the shelter in which she came.

Delilah has highlighted to the nation the kinds of personality traits typical of dogs waiting for a second chance in shelters Australia wide. She has made it abundantly clear that shelter dogs crave affection and make great companions for a any kind of family.

Delilah’s cheeky and playful personality is a credit to the shelter for giving her the attention and affection she needed while she waited for her forever home.

The AWLQ’s enrichment programs such as beach walking 3 times a week means the dogs rarely spend a full day in their kennels and are able to play with other dogs while also getting regular human companionship.

Run by volunteers the program is a welcome distraction from shelter life, and when the beach van pulls up you can be sure there are tails wagging.

I hope that Delilah’s presence in the Big Brother house makes people consider adoption when looking for a pet to join their family.


Hey there Delilah..


Delilah the Kelpie. What a delight.

As millions tune in to Big Brother to meet Delilah the Kelpie for the very first time tonight I am lucky to say I have spent the last few months getting to know her while she has been waiting for her new home at the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.

Delilah is cool as a cucumber and sooo much fun. She has made so many friends at the shelter and we can’t wait to see her win the hearts of Australia. (If only she could win the Big Brother prize money).

I wonder who she will bond with the most in the Big Brother house?? Josh, Michael or Sam? She does love the guys 🙂 Watch out Layla!

We took Delilah out for a photo shoot days before heading in to the Big Brother house with Diana from K9 Photography and she was such a star. Check out the images below.

Delilah is sure to get up to some mischief in the house. We know she is good at keeping secrets and is sure to be a confidant and great companion to everyone in the compound.

Hanging out around the office at the AWLQ

Good Luck Delilah!!! Have fun and we will see you on the other side.

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