How much would you pay to save a life?

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I don’t know about you but my pets are priceless. They are my family and bring me endless love and laughter. For the pets at the Animal Welfare League Qld though there are 170 animals without owners patiently waiting for their new life to start.

With more than 700 animals waiting in foster care and in community vet clinics it is suffice to say that the shelter is bursting. That’s why for this weekend only (12th & 13th APRIL) they are letting the community and potential adopters name the adoption price on cats and dogs they would like to adopt.

So how much would you pay to save the life of an animal?

Help the AWLQ save a life today – to view animals available for adoption CLICK HERE

Maddie on Things.


I have an obsession with photography. Espscially pet photography – As you may have noticed from earlier posts I like things a little left of centre and photography with shelter dogs are my absoloute favourite. When I stumbled upon the blog Maddie on Things by photographer Theron Humphrey I knew Christmas had come early.8

Theron describes his precious pooch as a great hunter, full of energy then flips and is super calm and cuddly – the perfect pet!

Maddie was adopted from a shelter – Humphery was about to embark on a year long adventure through the 50 states of the USA when he decided he would need company.

After a search on Pet Finder he decided that he just had to meet Maddie. ‘She looked like a Deer and when I was walking her from her pen she leaned on me the whole way.. I knew I had to adopt her’ he said.

Maddie has taken on a huge following and is growing to be more popular by the day. She even has her own Iphone app!

You can buy Theron’s book Maddie on Things here

Check Maddie out on Vimeo

Maddie Book Tour! from This Wild Idea on Vimeo.

Some of Theron and Maddie’s photos

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View more photos of Maddie or buy prints here

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Greyhounds: New Beginnings

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I am a huge fan of Paws and Claws magazine. Which is why I was so excited to be asked to write an article about Greyhounds and why they are such amazing pets. Pick up your copy of Paws and Claws from all good pet stores, rehoming centres and anywhere animal related or you can read my article below.

P&C has a new owner a new layout and a new website with lots of great pet tips. make sure you check it out by clicking here

At the Animal Welfare League of Qld Hugo sat in the sunshine in his cosy bed watching the world go by. For 4 months he would see dogs come and go and would push himself up against his pen wall when people stopped to say hello, hoping to get a scratch and a little bit of affection. Although not his ideal environment Hugo was content, he was safe and his racing career was a distant memory.

Most Australians would be privy to Greyhound Racing – the national sport where long and lean dog’s race around a track after a stuffed bunny to win money for their owners. What you might not know however, is that around 20,000 Greyhounds are bred in Australia for the ‘sport’ of racing EVERY YEAR and less than half of these make it to the track.

 Thousands upon thousands of healthy, young Greyhounds are destroyed each year for no other reason other than they become surplus to racing industry requirements. There is a phenomenally high mortality rate for these dogs and a huge misconception about the temperament of the breed as a direct result of the racing industry.

Greyhounds make amazing pets. Gentle, quiet, and affectionate they are not considered a high energy dog and in fact when indoors, they will often curl up and take a nap. Greyhounds are good with children and often compatible with other family pets. The greyhound is not prone to excessive barking and is generally easy to housetrain.

Due to the lack of knowledge about this majestic breed, Greyhounds that are lucky enough to be surrendered to a shelter after their racing career finishes will often stay for months at a time watching potential families pass them by.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld currently has six ex racing Greyhounds currently calling their Gold Coast rehoming centre home. For ‘Hugo’ his new beginning came in early August when a lovely girl named Megan saw his photo online and knew she had to meet him. “A picture tells 1000 words and his photo was just beautiful. His eyes are to die for and I immediately fell in love”, she said.

Megan had never owned a dog before but says she can’t imagine a dog more perfect then ‘Hugo’. “He gets on so well with our whole family and is perfect with my 3 year old niece and 4 year old nephew. “He has the most amazing personality and is so well behaved. He doesn’t smell or shed hair, he is just perfect”.

AWLQ spokesperson Brooke Whitney said that the day ‘Hugo’ found a home the entire shelter stopped to wave goodbye and held back tears of happiness. “Hugo holds a special place in all of our hearts and we can’t wait for the days to come when all of our Greyhounds start their new beginnings in homes that will truly love them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated”.

Every one of the AWLQ Greyhounds has a unique personality. But they all have two things in common:

  1. They are ex racers
  2. They pine to be loved

‘Hugo’ loves human companionship. Any chance he got to lean on his dog walkers he would, he craves affection and is a real smoocher. This type of behaviour is typical of the breed which makes them an ideal family pet. “Greyhounds are faithful and loyal and adore their human families,” Brooke said.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld is known for their creative rehoming campaigns and their latest ‘Adopt Cuteness, Adopt a Greyhound’ had social media sites buzzing. “It was great branding for Greyhounds and our aim was to promote the positive attributes that they all possess”. “The Greyhounds currently in our care have a thriving support network online who share their photos, their stories and ask after them on a daily basis. Our supporters were so thrilled to see ‘Hugo’ find a home after months of waiting”.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld will continue to find homes for Greyhounds and be active in working with Friends of the Hound and other rescue organisations to help give these beautiful animals a second chance at a new beginning.

If you are looking to extend your furry family then visit the Greyhound’s at the Animal Welfare League of Qld. There are dogs just like ‘Hugo ‘waiting patiently for their new beginning.   Visit for more information or like the AWLQ on Facebook.

10Reasons you should own a Greyhound

  • They are clean, easy to care for and gentle – even a child can handle a Greyhound.
  • They rarely bark, usually only when something is wrong or when they get really excited. They are not generally suitable as a guard dog (however the size is generally a good deterrent).
  • They are very social and can learn to live with other pets in your family
  • A patient and tolerant dog, the Greyhound is usually very good with children and due to their calm, sensitive and friendly nature Greyhounds are very suitable as Therapy Pets for Aged Care facilities and special needs homes.
  • They make great indoor pets due to their short sleek coats, the absence of doggy odour and  placid, sedentary nature
  • A walk each day is more than enough to keep them healthy and happy.  A small yard is fine, particularly if they are getting regular short walks.
  • Greyhounds tend to be “couch potatoes” and are content to laze around on their cosy bed or on the lounge beside their owners.
  • They are toilet trained and are very tidy
  • Their life span is approx 12-14 years

What a week

Notes from S&S, Odie Sanchez

Is it the weekend yet?

Here is what has been happening in the week that was:

Monday: What a busy start to the week. I arrived at work a little dis-heartened becuase my foster dog Jedi had still not been adopted. Taking matters in to my own hands I phoned around everyone I knew who may be interested in the worlds nicest dog before getting a phone call from the lovely Lisa who I had been chatting to all year in the hope I could find her a new dog for her family. She came out to the shelter with her kids and her partner Sean, (who is also the co-host of 102.9 Hot Tomato’s breakfast show). I am fairly certain it was love at first sight. They took Jedi home late Monday afternoon and I have been getting facebook updates about his progress ever since. I look forward to hearing the adventures of newly named JED on the radio in the future.

Monday also saw our new keyrings arriving to S&S HQ! Don’t they look great? Buy yours by emailing:

Tuesday: What a day Tuesday was. Tuesday saw our longest resident Greyhound Hugo find his forever home! The entire shelter stopped to say goodbye to this beautiful boy and we were all so happy that he would never spend another night in a kennel.. His new owner intends on showering him with love and affection.We have lots of Greyhounds waiting for their forever homes. Some of which I have written about here

Farewell mate!! – We will miss you!!

Tuesday was also the day I was reunited with two of the little Rotti pups who I spent the night awake with a few weeks ago bottle feeding every two hours. They are now five weeks old and will spend the next 3 weeks living at my place getting bigger and fatter..

Rotty pups at 2 weeks old

Check out their video they are sooo cute! Han’s has his hands full teaching them who’s boss!

Rotty pups at 5 weeks old

Wednesday: Puppy central! I got to work to find that Jack & Rosie the Border Collie pups our photographer Jane had on foster are ready to be desexed and put up for adoption. These guys will be great playmates for a family that are able to spend time running around the backyard or a farm with them. They are so much fun!

Keeping on top of all the Sausage & Sanchez orders I went home and got to work on a new coat for a little Dachshund named Molly. Her new Strawberries & Creme coat looks just fabulous on Hans Sausage. (Although he did not seem to impressed in his new pink attire).

Thursday: Today I checked up on the Sharpei Mum who gave birth at our shelter to 7 little puppies. They will all need to go out on foster with their mumma to grow big and strong. They are so tiny and we think they are crossed with a Staffy. She is such a good mum.

Look out for tomorrow’s aritcle where I will post lots of new pix of animals waiting for their forever homes. It’s been a busy week!