Odie Sanchez – Winter Fashion

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Odie is a true Mexican. He loves a good siesta and loves the heat.10472781_1491319167752421_1318765175_o

In the middle of Summer you can find him under a doona, blanket or pile of towels. When the door bell rings he doesn’t get up but rather barks from under the covers. All you can see is a blanket bouncing up and down insisting you make all the raquet stop because he of course is trying to catch some ZZzzZZZzz’s.

Odie is the master of hide and seek which will probably be his downfall one day because I flop on the couch and usually find him squashed under a blanket buried beneath the sofa cushions.

Caught in the act!

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Odie Sanchez is a graffiti artist, he tags all over our neighbourhood. I don’t even like to walk with him in public because he stops almost every five meteres to leave a small ‘Odie was here’ calling card.1001001_10151719915258308_2076573075_n

I’m talking of course about PEE.

Odie has always been a leg cocker and I put it down to him being desexed later in life because Hans, bless him, pops a squat when he pees and only goes when he absolutely needs to.

Odie is a also a sneaky marker in our house – he will raise a leg to anything out of the ordinary lying on the floor, bath mats and the side of the coffee table. (Our rug is ruined and now the go to pee spot for any foster animal or visiting dog that frequents my house).

When we visit family Hans will run and greet everyone one tail wagging tongue licking – Odie on the other hand will secure the perimeter and ensure his presence is made aware before entering the house and commandeering the highest peak of the couch cushions.

Urine marking is a normal form of communication among dogs. Dogs are drawn to urine marks left by other dogs and are apparently able to get information by sniffing the urine, such as the identity, the sex and the reproductive status (whether a dog is neutered or desexed) of the marker. Males are more likely than females to urine mark, and reproductively intact males are more likely to mark than desexed males, especially in the presence of females or rival males.
Reproductively intact females will mark, especially prior to coming into heat to advertise their availability, (oh la la). However, even desexed females sometimes urine mark.

A study of urine marking in dogs revealed that 10 percent of the dogs who urine marked started the behaviour at 3 months of age, 20 percent by 6 months, 40 percent by 12 months, 70 percent by 1½ years, and 90 percent before 2 years. Which is why Hans, (who was desexed at 8 weeks of ages barely lifts a leg – (unless he copies Odie of course).

While Odies’ shenanigans are something I have learnt over time to pre-plan and resulted in thinking twice before leaving expensive handbags/shoes/clothes (insert everything else I love here____) on the floor, there are some tips to help you if your dog is a graffiti artist too and you spend more hours on all fours cleaning up pee stain then your dog does.

After making sure your dog doesn’t have any urine related health problems or peeing due to anxiety or stress – try the following:

  • If your dog isn’t desexed – desex him/her. Desexing male dogs successfully eliminates or greatly reduces household urine marking in 50 to 60 percent of cases.
  • Confine your dog to one area of the house where you can watch him. Shut doors to other areas of the house or barricade them off with baby gates or improvise with whatever is at hand.20131015-180219.jpg
  • Restrict your dog’s access to things he’s likely to mark. Don’t allow other dogs to visit your home or yard. You can also try blocking your dog’s visual access to other dogs.
  • If you have a male dog, have him wear a bellyband (also known as a male dog wrap) so he can mark but not soil in your home. You can purchase yours by emailing sausageandsanchez@gmail.com
  • If your dog predictably marks certain objects, (bags, suitcases or shoes), or if he only marks in certain locations, place treats around those objects or in those areas. Your dog might start to regard objects he used to mark and places where he used to mark as sources of food rather than triggers for marking.
  • Clean previously marked locations with an enzymatic cleaner- you can find these in good pet stores or in the supermarket.
  • Try to make marked areas unpleasant to discourage your dog from returning. Try using double-sided sticky tape, vinyl carpet runner turned upside-down to expose the knobby surface, or other types of humane, harmless booby traps. Keep in mind, however, that your dog might simply select another place to urine mark.
  • When you see your dog start to mark, you can try clapping loudly or spraying him with water. It’s very important to deliver these punishments while your dog is caught in the act of urine marking.

New-Chihuahua-pee-tanImage by Tiny Confessions – Blog Post coming soon

i’m sorry

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I have some news. I have been cheating on you and I am taking this time to ask for your forgiveness.

If you are a regular follower of our Sausage & Sanchez blog you would have noticed that I have been quite lately. For almost 40 days to be exact. Believe me I haven’t been happy about it either but I have had a bit of bloggers fatigue and I have also started a Tumblr account for the Animal Welfare League of Qld which has kept me very, very busy. Check it out here.. I am kind of obsessed with it.


Hans & Odie have been busy as well – they have been travelling around the coutry side doing as dogs do best. I will write more about this in a dedicated post but here is a bit of a visual round up (because why read when you can look at the pictures right)?

409617_10151355011353308_646186065_n  559826_10151491810383308_380852371_n 734984_10151334070318308_1384684815_n


Hans & Odie have also been playing foster brothers to an adorable little Chug named Bells. By Chug I mean a Chihuahua x Pug. I will again write a dedicated post about this little beauty because my gosh there is too much to say about the little fire cracker and we will be so sad when it is time for her to find her forever home.



I promise to be more up to date in the coming days but I hope you enjoy this round up and I will be in touch soon.

Sausage & Sanchez.

Expresso Dogs

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I love it when an artist hinks outside the square – especially when it comes to art involving dogs. My latest art crush is the series called Expresso Dogs by the very clever Brisbane based Stella Park.
The concept was conseptualised when Stella wanted to humanise animals thorugh her work in a fun and quirky way. And boy did she hit the nail on the head. She couples each piece with a quote about coffee which I find gives the artwork a little something extra.

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine!
-Author Unknown

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.


Starbucks says they are going to start putting religious quotes on cups. The very first one will say, ‘Jesus! This cup is expensive!’
-Conan O’Brien


Stella has also humanised cats.

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.
-T.S. Eliot

I was honoured to meet Stella a couple of months back and she was generous enough to do a sketch of Odie Sanchez which she printed on my very own mug! Odie’s ‘mug shot’ arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and I was so excited to see how much it resembled my little mexican Sanchez.

Do I like my coffee black? Are there other colors?
-Unknown Author

Odie was excited to see he had mail!

Hans sad the package wasn’t for him

Odie rubbing it in – this present is all MINE

Don’t you think this portrait captures everything about me?

Hans was very jealous that Odie was getting all of the attention so stuck his head in the mug and wouldn’t pull it out.

Where is mine mum?

Is it in here? Surely she sent one to me as well?!

Oh well i’ll just slobber all over Odie’s and claim it as my own

If you would like to see more of Stella’s work be sure to like her on Facebook

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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At Sausage & Sanchez HQ Hans & Odie have been product testing loads of new prototypes in time for Christmas.
You can order yours by emailing sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

purchase yours sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

How cute is the S&S Christmas Penguin? Just $6 Order by emailing sausageandsancehez@gmail.com

Novelty Christmas plushies. Your pooch will love finding these in his Santa stocking. $6 Each
Order by emailing sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

Odie loves his Nutcracker!

The Sausage & Sanchez Christmas Stocking. $14 or $12 with any other Christmas purchase.
Fully lined and simply adorable – order by emailing sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

All Christmas gifts come with their own Keep Calm and Hug your Puppy card.
Your dog loving friends will love them, reuse them and put them in a frame and hang them on the wall.

Only 5 weeks till Christmas!!

Sitting Duck Squarkers by S&S

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If you own a Dachshund chances are you will be accustomed to having fluff strewn across your entire house living room  floor. I took it upon myself the other night to create something that

A: Does not have much fluff

B: Squeaks

C: Is small enough for Hans to play with

The result was ‘The Sitting Duck’. As soon as I Hanso heard the first squeak upon assembly he was on my lap watching me put together the finishing touches, (hence my stitches are a little wonky – they get better I promise).

Odie is a huge fan of the duck as well. He on the other hand is the golden child who likes to cuddle up with his toys and not rip them to pieces upon his first opportunity.

The Sitting Ducks will be available by emailing Sausageandsanchez@gmail.com for $8.50 and come in pink and blue. – Other colours coming soon.

I will let you know how long it takes for Hans to destroy, but the little ducky has lasted 24 hours of constant squeaking, (I still have the sound in my head).

Eyes on the Prize – Gimme, Gimme Gimme

Please excuse the wonky stitch – it is hard sew with a Sausage on your lap 🙂

Also available in Pink

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Buy yours by emailing sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

The little dog with the BIG attitude

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Odie Allan Sanchez – What am I going to do with you?

When I adopted Odie a little over a year ago, he was as timid as a mouse, would do anything to please anyone and was snugly to boot. In the past year I am fairly certain I have turned him into a ferocious monster! In my attempt to give him the life that I felt he deserved after being left abandoned on the streets of Logan,I think I may have made him feel like he was the Alpha dog – and in doing so the terrible Chi from within has started to emerge. Other people call it LDS or Little Dog Syndrome, I call it failing to be a good alpha leader.

I am not one to stereotype a breed which is why I am blaming myself for Odie’s recent bad behaviour. In the past year he has bitten just about everyone I know, (myself included) and I have decided I need serious help…

I have been doing a little bit of Googling this afternoon and that combined with my current knowledge, (which isn’t too much more than having Cesar Milan recorded on my Foxtel) I am going to attempt to fix my dog.

Something I found interesting was the following info about the signs to look for to see if your dog is scared, anxious or ready to bite.

  • Yawning when the dog is not tired
  • Licking the lips (or just flicking the tongue in and out of the mouth) when there is no food around
  • Panting even though it’s not warm
  • Raising one paw and holding it up tentatively
  • Turning the head away
  • Curving the body or turning the whole body away
  • Blinking rapidly
  • Lowering the head
  • Tucking the tail between the legs
  • Trying to move away from a situation.
  • Freezing in place (standing very stiffly)
  • Staring
  • Raising of the hackles (this is when the hair on the back of the neck, and sometimes even the whole spine, stands up)

When dogs are cornered or otherwise forced to remain in a scary situation despite giving the signals mentioned above, they may escalate to more obvious signals, such as the following:

  • Drawing their lips back to show their teeth
  • Flattening their ears back
  • Growling
  • Snarling
  • Lunging


The Animal Welfare League of Qld (AWLQ) has a new owner support that has loads of information on dog traits and training which I will be researching and incorporating. Click here to see more
I have also found a website on dog aggression and I am hoping it will help me help Odie. Click Here to see more

I will keep you posted on his progress. Do you have any suggestions on how to train ‘small dogs’?

Side note: how cool is the nail polish below? Appropriately called ‘my chihuahua bites’. I think I MUST buy some…
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