Tiny Confessions

When I came across the work of Christopher Rozzi I knew I had to get in touch to learn more. His comedic quotes attached to his artworks not only make them endearing but perfectly match the breeds associated with the artwork. See the Tiny Confessions interview below.
 What is your full name and role at Tiny Confessions?
My name is Christopher Rozzi and I am the illustrator/writer/creator of Tiny Confessions.
 Willie and Chris for promo
How did Tiny Confessions come about?
I came up with Tiny Confessions in May 2011 when my wife, Pauline, and I adopted our Bichon, Willie.  As I was walking him through the streets of New York, I couldn’t help but imagine what he might be thinking.  I’ve always found people’s hidden secret thoughts to be funny, so I made it specifically about that.
Do you have any pets?
Our dog, Willie, is a little fluffy white clown with a big black nose.
Favourite thing about your pet?
I love when Willie tries to play little tricks on me and fake me out.  He’ll pretend he’s going one way and then quickly runs the other.  He’s like a mischievous child in that way.  I love that a pet could have intricate playful ideas.
Where do you draw your confession ‘inspiration’ from? It’s like you are actually reading that breeds thoughts!
When I’m doing a Tiny Confession about a specific breed I usually do research about its temperament online.  Often someone will send me a picture of their dog and let me know a few things about their behavior and I take it from there.  The best is when they are very specific.  Is a good example of this: “My primary goal in life is to have my buttocks rubbed.”  A lot comes from things that my own dog does as well.
What’s a typical day for you like?
I wake up, walk and feed my dog.  When we get back I check on any orders for prints or other items.  I then get into any new projects or ideas I might have.  Every day is very different, which is fantastic.
Where can you buy your creations?
People may buy prints and mugs on www.tinyconfessions.com and the book is available everywhere, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  We’ll have pillows, greeting cards, and other products soon as well!
What are your plans for Tiny Confessions in the future?
We plan to have Tiny Confessions on T-shirts and other apparel.  I also have ideas for an animated series that I would like to pitch.
Favourite pet quote?
For some reason, my favorite is a cat that says, “I am destroying your furniture because my options for enjoyment are limited.”
Where are you based?
I am in New York City, where there are doggies everywhere.

Got the Sh*ts?!

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If you walk on any sidewalk chances are it has happened to you.


Enough to instantly put you in a bad mood, the smell, the squish, the hassle of removing it from your shoe, oh your glorious shoe!!

One man from Queens in the USA had enough of his communities dog owners not picking up after their pet so he decided to take it upon himself to not only forwarn pedestrians to the brown, smelly landmines but to encourage dog owners to clean up!

And so THE POOP PROJECT was born


Dressed in an oversized hoodie and glasses for disguise this superhero poop fighter will spraypaint, (with temporary chalk) over the k9 landmine to ensure nobody steps in it.


Learn more from this news report

Expresso Dogs

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I love it when an artist hinks outside the square – especially when it comes to art involving dogs. My latest art crush is the series called Expresso Dogs by the very clever Brisbane based Stella Park.
The concept was conseptualised when Stella wanted to humanise animals thorugh her work in a fun and quirky way. And boy did she hit the nail on the head. She couples each piece with a quote about coffee which I find gives the artwork a little something extra.

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine!
-Author Unknown

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.


Starbucks says they are going to start putting religious quotes on cups. The very first one will say, ‘Jesus! This cup is expensive!’
-Conan O’Brien


Stella has also humanised cats.

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.
-T.S. Eliot

I was honoured to meet Stella a couple of months back and she was generous enough to do a sketch of Odie Sanchez which she printed on my very own mug! Odie’s ‘mug shot’ arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and I was so excited to see how much it resembled my little mexican Sanchez.

Do I like my coffee black? Are there other colors?
-Unknown Author

Odie was excited to see he had mail!

Hans sad the package wasn’t for him

Odie rubbing it in – this present is all MINE

Don’t you think this portrait captures everything about me?

Hans was very jealous that Odie was getting all of the attention so stuck his head in the mug and wouldn’t pull it out.

Where is mine mum?

Is it in here? Surely she sent one to me as well?!

Oh well i’ll just slobber all over Odie’s and claim it as my own

If you would like to see more of Stella’s work be sure to like her on Facebook

I aint lost just wondering – Christian Palmer


I am LOVING the new works by Byron Bay artist Christian Palmer. Originally from England, Christian specialises in contemporary art and works with Canvas, stencil and wood.

Christian’s imagery often features animals such as dogs alongside thoughtful questions concerning the human condition – whether you’re an animal lover or a philosopher, these works are bound to put a smile on your face!

My favourite images are found in the Lost and Profound series which features what I think to be homeless and shunned dogs with beautiful quotes and questions that leave you wanting more.

The Pitty Dog works are a little sad considering the breed has been so controversial in the media and the banned in lots of areas of the country. What a great way to raise awareness though and make people stop and think about their feelings towards the breed..

Like Palmer on Facebook


Pooch Caricatures


With pets becoming more and more part of the family I am constantly seeing unique ideas for the dog and dog lover who has everything. From designer beds and chew toys to vitamins and minerals to ensure your dogs attitude and health are in tip-top shape. Which is why it came as no surprise that Dog Caricatures are gaining momentum as being a popular gift for the avid dog lover.

Enter Tim McFarlin, a Sydney based Graphic Designer and Freelance Illustrator who has a website for people wanting to “characterise their poochies”.

When asked how he came up with the idea he said:

“I love dogs and Illustration and thought it was only logical that I combine the two! – I love what I do and try to get 100% out of each illustration. I try to capture the dogs looks but most importantly their personality!”

Tim’s work is quirky and cool and would not look out of place in a Disney movie. Check out his gallery here

He is running a competition right now for Australian residents to win a Caricature worth  $59 To enter click here 

I will definitely be needing to track this guy down to create something special for Sausage & Sanchez sometime soon.

*Photo taken from Tim’s Facebook page

Cats in Clothes

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Cat is clothes is the genius idea of Artist Heather Mattoon. Recently featuring in FRANKIE magazine Mattoon’s adorable Cats in Clothes series  is one for the feline obsessed. All of the kitties she paints have names, occupations and wear cool clothes just like their keepers.


Take George for example; George is quiet, loves science, especially quantum theory, and feels that doctors should be more forthcoming with health advice despite the influence of the pharmaceutical companies. (pretty insightful for a feline wouldn’t you say?)

Mattoon describes herself as a visual artist who spends lots of hertime in physical and sprirtual therapy since an accident 4 years ago which left her a paraplegic.

Mattoon has 3 cats Megan, Mama-Mia and Edgar who are her inspiration and who each have their own quirky personalities.

“We should be more like cats: soulful, stylish, and entirely unconcerned with others’ opinions” Mattoon says. Cats in Clothes bring something lively and optimistic that surpasses a meditative tone.  Sure, cats are lost in thought sometimes but they’re also very stylish.

The series share a unique mix of playful and strict with realistic details in soft brush strokes enlivened by human like expressions and custom outfits.



Savannah is a city girl, feminine and fierce! She takes kick-boxing classes and works as a wine buying consultant.

Mattoon’s next series will be called Dogs in Clothes and Sausage & Sanchez can’t wait to see it finished. But for now here is one to wet the palatte.