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Animal Welfare League of Qld

As the nights cool down it plays heavily on my mind the animals currently waiting for new homes in shelters. Animals who through no fault of their own have found themselves displaced and outside in kennels and pens. For Chihuahua lovers check out some of the little guys waiting for a new home at the Animal Welfare League of Qld.
Phone 0755099030 to adopt or log on to www.awlqld.com.au
AnimalID: 11043 Name: Wilbur Age: 2 Years  Breed: Chihuahua / Tenterfield Terrier… Gold Coast – Coombabah

AnimalID: 10969 Name: Chester Age: 1 Year  Breed: Chihuahua
I am a sweet wee thing, who is looking for an owner who will treat me like a real dog, not a hand bag accessory, can you be that owner for me?

AnimalID: 10514 Name: Chestnut Age: 1 Year 3 Weeks  Breed: Jack Russell Terrier / Chihuahua
Hi my name is Chestnut, and I just want to be loved.  I will need someone who can remind me though that as cuddly and sweet as i am i am still a dog not a teddy bear. Kitty Cats are not my chosen friend, so I would prefer to go to a home with no feline companions


Give a dog a……..Makeover??

Animal Welfare League of Qld, Photographers

Meet Milo and Mango.. Two 4 year old Cocker Spaniels x Mini Poodles.

Mango and his brother Milo have been together for their entire lives. Due to the ill health of their owner who loved them dearly they had to be surrendered to the Animal Welfare League of Qld.

When they arrived at the shelter their hair was badly matted, they smelled and had dreadlocks. Their personalities however remained in tact.

A little out of sorts and not knowing why they now called the shelter home, AWLQ staff thought they would be the perfect candidates for a day at the groomers in a bid to help them not only find a home sooner, but also feel happier and knot free..

Enter… Bella’s Pampered Paws

Bella’s Pampered Paws on the Gold Coast is a dog grooming business where your dog can be groomed in the comfort of a home environment. Bella’s Pampered Paws is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction when it comes to your dog grooming or Poodle grooming needs. Owner Leah was kind enough to give these two pooches the royal treatment.

Check out Bella’s Pampered Paws price list here

Check out Milo getting de-matted

Only a ‘little bit’ of the hair taken off Milo and Mango

After their day at the groomers Milo and Mango were lucky enough to have their photos taken by the lovely Diana from K9 Photography and they looked a million dollars!! (and knew it too).

Check out the behind the scenes action on YouTube here:


Don’t they look incredible! Mango (as seen above) is such a snuggly little mate. He is always up for a cuddle and will nestle right in to you. He knows how to sit and is very well behaved. Milo has a little more energy. Definitely the more dominant of the two but still just as personable.

Check out the professional shots by K9 Photography

HAPPY ENDING: Less than 24 hours after their makeover Milo and Mango were adopted and will be the new best friends of two very happy little boys.


Animal Welfare League of Qld

I know lots of people visit the S&S blog for a bit of light humour, to check out what Hans Sausage and Odie Sanchez have been up to or to check out the latest goings on in the Sausage & Sanchez design room but today is different.. Today we are getting serious..

If you own a dog chances are you have heard about parvo virus (parvo for short). It is one of the most horrifying viruses a dog can contract and is especially deadly in puppies and older dogs. It is highly contagious and can jump from dog to dog very quickly, even with indirect contact.

Parvo Virus is a highly resistant type of virus which can survive in soil for months and is very hard to get rid of. Parvo Virus is able to resist common disinfectants and detergents. It is commonly transmitted through direct contact in both adult dogs and puppies. More specifically, the virus can be transmitted through the faeces of infected dogs or from mother to puppies.

When a poor pooch contracts parvo the following happens:

The lymphatic system serves as the replicating point for the virus, particularly around the throat. The bloodstream is then infected, and the virus begins attacking other lymphatic cells, the intestines, and bone marrow.

This causes weakening of the intestinal tissue, and so the separation begins to deteriorate, severely affecting digestion. Bacteria normally contained in the intestines are then allowed to flood the bloodstream, causing more problems. This is VERY PAINFUL!!

Dogs then lose appetite, they get dehidrated from having consistant diarrhoea and lose weight.

Vet care for this virus costs hundreds and thousands of dollars and in most cases the dogs die a painful death anyway.


Vaccinating your animal is something I preach to all pet owners because as a responsible pet owner it should be a top priority to keep your animal safe.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld vaccinate with the C5 vaccination from $84 – $84 to save your pet from the risk or potentially contracting a horrible virus that can be caught by walking on infected soil or from your dog ingesting poop at the park. WHY RISK IT!!!

The AWLQ are running a campaign for the month of June. They want to raise $3,750 to put towards the cost of vaccinating 150 cats and dogs against Feline Aids and Parvo.

Donate to the cause by clicking the bone below

To vaccinate one shelter dog or cat costs the shelter $25. It is a small price to pay to help get a shelter animal ready to be made available for adoption.

When was the last time your pet was vaccinated?? If you don’t remember CALL YOUR VET NOW!!

All in a days work

Animal Welfare League of Qld

Some of the cuties who will be looking for a new home at the Animal Welfare League of Qld as of next week.

Beautiful Dachshund PUP is 7 years old with so much spunk and is cute to boot.. He follows you around and loves to cuddle.. Perhaps he would make a great mate for Odie and Hans? hehe

Another little lovely who stands out (because she is the same colours as Hans Sausage) is 6 month old Heidi the Kelpie. She is adorable and so full of life!

I was happy this week to see that little Baby the Chihuahua got a home.. She reminded me so much Odie, toooo cute!!

and one for the cat lovers – This is Biscuit the little head butter purrring machine!! Looking for a new home at the AWLQ NOW

My Human Family

Animal Welfare League of Qld, Photographers

Through my job at the Animal Welfare League of Qld I am privy to pretty much every cat and dog related campaign nation-wide. Some are kooky, some are creative and some are all of the above.

 Once in a while though you see a campaign or an event that really speaks to you, My Human Family did just that.

 My Human Family is a community initiative based in Sydney NSW that really pulls at the heart strings. With the aim of creating awareness around abandoned, surrendered and neglected dogs, the My Human Family community photographic project invited people to submit family photos and share their personal stories about the dogs in their home and in their lives.

Stories of these shelter animals have been uploaded, (Hans Sausage and Odie Sanchez included) to the website and so a community of dog loving, animal welfare advocates was born.

Some of these animal stories are sad, some are happy and some are downright hilarious. But all have one thing in common and that is that these animals a have been given a second chance by people who are dedicated to ending pet overpopulation and choosing to adopt.

 In 2013 the Animal Welfare League of Qld hopes to bring this project to Queensland and bring more awareness to how important it is to adopt over buying from a pet store and I urge you all to get involved.

 But for now a make sure you visit the Pine Street’s community gallery in Sydney from the 7th of July 2012 and see the images from the project. If you can’t get there check out these other locations who whope to host the project later in the year.

 Proposed touring venues

 ·     Customs House – Circular Quay Sydney

 ·     Margot Hardy Gallery – Milperra

 ·     Riverside Theatre – Parramatta

 To see the complete project online click below


Some of the photos (inlcuding Odie and Hans) in the exhibit

Growing up with pets.

Animal Welfare League of Qld

The relationship between children and their pets is special and comforting, and brings with it many benefits for the child’s development. Studies have shown that children with pets have higher self-esteem, improved s…ocial skills, and are more popular with their peers. They learn nurturing skills, as well as show improved empathy and a more caring attitude. There is also evidence that pet ownership may help develop non-verbal communication.
Pet ownership may have a beneficial effect on family harmony. Research shows that families spend a lot more time interacting after the acquisition of a pet. Pets provide a focus for fun activities and friendly conversation. The relaxation and relief from stress provided by animal companionship also yields measurable health benefits for parents. Pet owners have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, fewer minor illnesses and complaints, and visit the doctor less often than their “petless” counterparts.   Owning a dog can be a delightful family experience. Children learn to interact with and take responsibility for the health and well-being of the dog. However, while the ownership of a dog may have enormous benefits for the child, parents need to teach children how to behave around dogs so they can have a safe and enjoyable relationship. What are some of the benefits you have found owning your puppy?

Helping out a good Cause

Animal Welfare League of Qld

The Animal Welfare League of Qld is very close to Sausage & Sanchez’s heart because both Hans Sausage and Odie Sanchez came from their Gold Coast shelter. This is why we just had to be apart of their newest creative community initative; Craft 4 Cats.

Craft 4 Cats is an exciting community project that will raise money specifically for their cat and kitten rehoming program and allow all cat-lovers and animal-welfare advocates to get involved and help spread the word about shelter cats in need.

The AWLQ is currently full to the brim with Cats and Kittens in all 3 of their shelters because people are surrendering their pets unplanned litters. The warmer months see un-desexed Cats breed in huge numbers which is why the non-profit organisation created the National Desexing Network.

Craft 4 Cats will be a fun way to keep the kids busy over the school holiday’s while teaching them the importance of choosing to adopt and to desex their pets.

Get Involved

There are two ways to get involved in the project

1) Make a Cat Softie

2) ‘Adopt’ a Cat Softie

If you choose to make a Softie, you can either download a pattern that suits your ability level (there is a pattern to suit the experienced right through to the basic level crafter!) or you can make one ‘free-hand’.

Whichever way you choose, make sure you check out the examples They’ve provided and read the ‘tips’ section first. This is to ensure that all the softies made are of consistent size, style and quality.

Remember – you don’t need to be a professional sewer or crafter to make a Cat Softie! You can be a total amateur and still create something lovely to contribute to the project! What’s important is that you put your love into it 🙂

If you choose not to make a Softie, then you can still get involved in Craft 4 Cats! All you need to do is ‘adopt’ of our handmade Softies for a small donation. All our Softies will be available to adopt for a donation of either $10 or $20 (depending on the size and the detail of the creation). The AWLQ will be posting photos of the Softies up on their online store as they come into us, so there will be plenty of opportunity to ‘adopt’ a Cat Softie that’s just right for you!

Intrested? Then click here to get started

Animal Welfare League of Qld Dog promotion

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From the 2nd to the 8th of April the Animal Welfare League of Qld is offering $100 off the adoption fee on all their brindle and marble coloured dogs.

Brindle dogs are brown and black and can sometimes be overlooked by visitors to the AWLQ shelters.

The majority of the Leagues long term dogs are brindle in colour so they decided to have a promotion highlighting the fact that these beautiful dogs cannot go un-noticed. Until the 8th of April they are offering $100 off the adoption price of all their Brindle coloured dogs as well as giving away a free rehoming pack which includes shampoo,treats and toys.

Medium and large dog’s adoption fees currently start at $240 this means Queensland families can now adopt a new pet from as little as $140. Puppies start from $350 bringing it down to $250 for a brindle puppy.

All the dogs that are available for adoption are de sexed, micro chipped, fully vaccinated and wormed and are very eager to please.

The shelter is open throughout the Easter break (except Good Friday) and they encourage anyone looking to adopt an animal to come and visit.

To check out all the animals currently looking for new homes go www.awlqld.com.au