Gold Coast Pet Expo

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I attended the Gold Coast City Council Pet Expo last weekend with the Animal Welfare League Qld and despite severe sunburn it was the best day ever!

To me the pet expo is the best opportunity to meet almost every breed of dog, (and their sometimes crazy owners) in the one spot! It was also great to catch up with some of my gorgeous foster pets who always stop by the AWLQ stand to say hi and show me how much they have grown. The vibe is electirc and everyone is so happy and supportive and proud to show off their 4 legged babies and it is a great celebration of all creatures great and small.

72652_10151630332492547_545077040_n 1384286_10151630407012547_447651889_n

Don’t you love our shirts? Cute, single and looking for love (our cats & dogs that is).

1267075_10152243657833098_161771000_oWIth the team from Hot Tomato 102.9FM doing a cross to promote the AWLQ


Saying a quick Hi to Diana from K9 Photography and her gorgeous dog Evie – She is the famous photog of our Big Brother housemate Mr Clooney!


Some of my Favourite doggies of the day. Kirra the 16 year old Daxie 1374037_10151923707978308_1711885108_n

 and Lulu the Bassett Hound.



Unconditional Love (Pet Rescue)

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I was very excited to see this book published. I love reading happy rehoming stories and this book is full of them.Image I was even more excited because I am in it! Well, my words are. I wrote an article about Delilah the Kelpie featured on the 2012 Big Brother and the impact she has had on bringing shelter animals into the spotlight since leaving.

You can read it below

Delilah:  The AWLQ’s homegrown star!

This story is a joy to write because its message of hope and optimism is one that will surely resonate with everyone who reads it.

‘Delilah’ is a beautiful, sweet three year old Red Kelpie who was found wandering, lonely and homeless, in a Southeast Queensland shire.

After she came into the care of the AWLQ, she was desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and put up for adoption.

Meanwhile, AWLQ was contacted by Channel 9’s hit TV show ‘Big Brother’ who were looking for an ‘Australian looking dog’ to fill the upcoming role of BFF for the housemates in the 2012 edition of the show, filmed locally at ‘Dreamworld’ on the Gold Coast’.

She was then introduced to Big Brother executives who immediately approved her inclusion in the show.

Whilst waiting for her entry into the Big Brother house, ‘Delilah’ enjoyed an extensive foster period, spending this time both at her foster home and the AWLQ head office entertaining staff volunteers with her antics.

From the moment ‘Delilah’ made her first appearance in the BB house, she became an instant fan favorite and a trusted and loving companion to the housemates.

She was seen dressing up in outfits made by Stacey and playing cricket with the boys and also made herself at home in the kitchen, where she took on the role of official ‘taste tester’ for Stacey’s infamous ‘dip’!

Because of her huge popularity, ‘Delilah’ lived in the Big Bother house with the housemates until the end of the show, a total of 42 days.

‘Delilah’s’  inclusion on Big Brother was a great opportunity to show the Australian public that pets from shelters make wonderful ‘housemates’ and we are proud that she was such a great ambassador for the thousands of homeless dogs waiting in shelters and pounds for their chance at a loving home.

We sincerely hopes that “Delilah’ has succeeded in convincing viewers to adopt a shelter dog and help  put an immediate stop to the loss of the 200,000+ animals who will be euthanased in pounds and shelters across Australia each year.

The AWLQ thanks Big Brother for inviting ‘Delilah’ into his house and for taking great care of her by monitoring her 24/7 during her stay. Regular visits were also made by AWLQ staff to ensure her health and well being were being maintained.

‘Delilah’ now lives on a large property with her foster family where she can run like the wind and swim and play with her two dog brothers.

She will continue to act as an ambassador for shelter pets and work with the AWLQ to promote shelter adoptions and responsible pet ownership.

‘Delilah’ is just one of over 130,000 wonderful, loving and deserving animals the Animal Welfare League has rehomed since its founding in Southport in 1959.

Without the diligence, care and hard work by the AWLQ, these dogs and cats would not have been adopted into their own loving homes where they could enjoy great lives with their families.

‘Delilah’ got her 2nd chance and her own home but there are many of her dog (and cat!) friends who are still currently waiting for their own ‘forever’ homes at the three AWLQ re homing centres on the Gold Coast, Beenleigh, and Ipswich.

They may not all get to become a national TV star across Australia like “Delilah’ did but they will all definitely have the opportunity to find their own special home.

Please come visit one of our rehoming centres today and find your very own special dog or cat to ‘star’ in your own family’s story.

The AWLQ has been a part of Queensland’s families for 53 years and we ALWAYS  say, ‘Choose to adopt because one choice can change a life!’.

Your ‘Delilah’ is waiting for you right now at your nearest shelter!



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Even though Hans & Odie could be mistaken for the most spoiled dogs on the planet their life was not always so chipper. Before there was “SAUSAGE AND SANCHEZ” Odie was a stray who was left to wander the streets before being found by a Animal Management Officer and taken to the pound, underweight with k9 cough and flea bitten ears. Hans was left abandonded as a five week old puppy in a dog park before finding his way to the Animal Welfare League and then into my heart. It is for this reason we sign up to Out with the Dogs every year in the hope that we can raise a few extra dollars for the companion animals currently waiting for their own happy home at the Animal Welfare League of Qld.

Hans & Odie love to camp and this year we plan to camp at Stradbroke Island. If you can sponsor our camp out please click here or to register for your own fundraiser log on to

546623_368349929890311_2110110835_nHans Adventuring with Mr Sausage & Sanchez

3Odie only goes ‘glamping’


Take your dog to work day

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Every day is Take Your Dog To Work Day at Sausage & Sanchez. So much so Hans & Odie are practically on the payroll. (Paid in cuddles and Treats-a-la-Bark cookies of course).

On June 21 (Friday) Local shelter Animal Welfare League QLD are encouraging the community and local businesses to get involved in ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ a day that promotes the bond between humans and their pets.

TYDTWDay has been going strong for 15 years, with employees around the world making room in their cubicles for their canine colleagues to encourage pet adoption.DSC_3559

There are loads of benefits in taking your dog to work including:

Increased Productivity
Bringing a dog to work increases employee productivity level due to decreased stress.

Reduced Absenteeism
Stress is a major driver to absenteeism and reducing stress by having the dog in the workplace could lower stress and ultimately decrease absenteeism.

Increased Employee Interaction
A dog is a great icebreaker. When you walk your dog hoe many times do you get stopped by passersby? If you have a small dog or young puppy you almost have to fight off a stampede. (when Hans & Odie are out and about I constantly make new friends)

 Promotes Healthier Habits
Having their dog at work forces the employee to take the dog for a walk and get fresh air.
Even a short walk during a 15-minute break can revitalise employees which makes them more productive.

To learn more or to get involved with TYDTWday log on

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i’m sorry

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I have some news. I have been cheating on you and I am taking this time to ask for your forgiveness.

If you are a regular follower of our Sausage & Sanchez blog you would have noticed that I have been quite lately. For almost 40 days to be exact. Believe me I haven’t been happy about it either but I have had a bit of bloggers fatigue and I have also started a Tumblr account for the Animal Welfare League of Qld which has kept me very, very busy. Check it out here.. I am kind of obsessed with it.


Hans & Odie have been busy as well – they have been travelling around the coutry side doing as dogs do best. I will write more about this in a dedicated post but here is a bit of a visual round up (because why read when you can look at the pictures right)?

409617_10151355011353308_646186065_n  559826_10151491810383308_380852371_n 734984_10151334070318308_1384684815_n


Hans & Odie have also been playing foster brothers to an adorable little Chug named Bells. By Chug I mean a Chihuahua x Pug. I will again write a dedicated post about this little beauty because my gosh there is too much to say about the little fire cracker and we will be so sad when it is time for her to find her forever home.



I promise to be more up to date in the coming days but I hope you enjoy this round up and I will be in touch soon.

Sausage & Sanchez.

Delilah leaves BIG BROTHER

Animal Welfare League of Qld

Tonight millions will tune in to watch Delilah, everyone’s favorite housemate leave the Big Brother house. What started as a two week stint was quickly extended thanks to the positive feedback by viewers and fans of the show.

Delilah has become the poster pooch for shelter dogs and especially the AWLQ, the shelter in which she came.

Delilah has highlighted to the nation the kinds of personality traits typical of dogs waiting for a second chance in shelters Australia wide. She has made it abundantly clear that shelter dogs crave affection and make great companions for a any kind of family.

Delilah’s cheeky and playful personality is a credit to the shelter for giving her the attention and affection she needed while she waited for her forever home.

The AWLQ’s enrichment programs such as beach walking 3 times a week means the dogs rarely spend a full day in their kennels and are able to play with other dogs while also getting regular human companionship.

Run by volunteers the program is a welcome distraction from shelter life, and when the beach van pulls up you can be sure there are tails wagging.

I hope that Delilah’s presence in the Big Brother house makes people consider adoption when looking for a pet to join their family.


The adventures of a foster dog

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I like most people bring my work home with me…… A lot… It is not out of the ordinary lots of people do it, work overtime, weekends whatever it takes to get the job done, right? In my case though my work has 4 legs and a heart beat and big brown eyes that say “please give me some love I’ve been through so much”.

I have been working at the Animal Welfare League of Qld for almost two years now and in that time have brought home:

Billy (now Odie Sanchez) – Chihuahua – ADOPTED
Nipper and Taylor – Kelpie puppies
Max – Mini Poodle x Maltese
Rocky (now Hans Sausage) – Dachshund – ADOPTED
Arya – Shih Tzu x Maltese puppy
Penny and Pixie (now Bella and Missy) – Mini Foxie x Chihuahua puppies – ADOPTED BY FAMILY MEMBERS
Jedi – Border Collie x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Olive and Carl – Rottweiler puppies
Pup – Dachshund


15 kittens and 3 cats.

 “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” | MAHATMA GANDHI

Our home has become a half way house. A place where animals come to recover from a multitude of illnesses, tick paralysis, k9 cough, cat flu or simply needing some time away from the shelter to cope with the loss of their previous family. Hans and Odie have become big brothers to loads of pets much to Hans’ delight and Odie’s detest. When I arrive home with a car carrier or dog crate my partner now gives me the same eye rolldand the sentence, “Brooke what have you brought home now?” followed shortly by “how long is it staying for?” He then hears the back story, gives the pet a hug and falls just as hard as I do.

My latest foster pooch Rusty is going to be very hard to say goodbye to.


The 4 year old Corgi has me wrapped around his little stumpy paw. For the last two weeks he has been with me everywhere. To work, to the gym and for walks with Sausage and Sanchez.

His cartoon characteristics and beautiful demeanor is the epitome of the perfect pet. Which is why it is so horrible to know this gorgeous dog was dumped and left to fend for himself on the streets of Logan with an enlarged prostate and a bladder infection.

He is a submissive dog and has seriously attached himself to me. He is my shadow, if i turn around he is there, he sleeps on the ground next to my bed and waits at the door if I leave the house..

When he is accosted or told no he lies flat on the ground or rolls over which breaks my heart. It seems he has had a less then perfect life before us.

Today he was given a clean bill of health. After 6 weeks of AWLQ care and hundreds of dollars spent he is ready to find his perfect home.

I am so grateful to have been able to help him in some small way along his journey to his 2nd chance and am overjoyed that I will be there on Sunday when he meets his new family.

We love you Rusty!

Rusty loves to work out – Here he is doing flutter kicks with me at the gym


I have found Rusty the perfect home and I am so glad he is going to a family where I can still pop by and visit. He will have another Corgi Brother named Hamish and is sure to be spoilt rotten!

Check them out on YouTube on Rusty’s first night in his new home.


So what is Fostering?

The AWLQ does not turn any animal in need away from it’s doors, to do that they need the communities help. A high percentage of the animals who need fostering are kittens and puppies. These babies make up approximately 95% of the Foster Program requirements. The other 5% is made up of mums with babies (we try to keep these together for at least 5-6 weeks), and older animals who may need time to recover from surgery, non-contagious infections, malnutrition or from over-indulging.

The fostering period can be anywhere from one week to eight weeks – each situation is different. Mums with new born babies rely on finding special foster homes. These carers would be prepared to keep all of them together for five weeks, at least, until mum can return to the shelter to be desexed and rehomed. Every situation is different but you can be sure that each and every animal need your help and are very grateful to have a temporary home with a family who can love them.

The AWLQ provides food, bedding, bowls and everything else you can think of needed to care for the animal – they just nee you to provide the space and the time helping the animal recover.

If you would like to learn more about Fostering or about the AWLQ Click here

Greyhounds: New Beginnings

Animal Welfare League of Qld, breeds

I am a huge fan of Paws and Claws magazine. Which is why I was so excited to be asked to write an article about Greyhounds and why they are such amazing pets. Pick up your copy of Paws and Claws from all good pet stores, rehoming centres and anywhere animal related or you can read my article below.

P&C has a new owner a new layout and a new website with lots of great pet tips. make sure you check it out by clicking here

At the Animal Welfare League of Qld Hugo sat in the sunshine in his cosy bed watching the world go by. For 4 months he would see dogs come and go and would push himself up against his pen wall when people stopped to say hello, hoping to get a scratch and a little bit of affection. Although not his ideal environment Hugo was content, he was safe and his racing career was a distant memory.

Most Australians would be privy to Greyhound Racing – the national sport where long and lean dog’s race around a track after a stuffed bunny to win money for their owners. What you might not know however, is that around 20,000 Greyhounds are bred in Australia for the ‘sport’ of racing EVERY YEAR and less than half of these make it to the track.

 Thousands upon thousands of healthy, young Greyhounds are destroyed each year for no other reason other than they become surplus to racing industry requirements. There is a phenomenally high mortality rate for these dogs and a huge misconception about the temperament of the breed as a direct result of the racing industry.

Greyhounds make amazing pets. Gentle, quiet, and affectionate they are not considered a high energy dog and in fact when indoors, they will often curl up and take a nap. Greyhounds are good with children and often compatible with other family pets. The greyhound is not prone to excessive barking and is generally easy to housetrain.

Due to the lack of knowledge about this majestic breed, Greyhounds that are lucky enough to be surrendered to a shelter after their racing career finishes will often stay for months at a time watching potential families pass them by.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld currently has six ex racing Greyhounds currently calling their Gold Coast rehoming centre home. For ‘Hugo’ his new beginning came in early August when a lovely girl named Megan saw his photo online and knew she had to meet him. “A picture tells 1000 words and his photo was just beautiful. His eyes are to die for and I immediately fell in love”, she said.

Megan had never owned a dog before but says she can’t imagine a dog more perfect then ‘Hugo’. “He gets on so well with our whole family and is perfect with my 3 year old niece and 4 year old nephew. “He has the most amazing personality and is so well behaved. He doesn’t smell or shed hair, he is just perfect”.

AWLQ spokesperson Brooke Whitney said that the day ‘Hugo’ found a home the entire shelter stopped to wave goodbye and held back tears of happiness. “Hugo holds a special place in all of our hearts and we can’t wait for the days to come when all of our Greyhounds start their new beginnings in homes that will truly love them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated”.

Every one of the AWLQ Greyhounds has a unique personality. But they all have two things in common:

  1. They are ex racers
  2. They pine to be loved

‘Hugo’ loves human companionship. Any chance he got to lean on his dog walkers he would, he craves affection and is a real smoocher. This type of behaviour is typical of the breed which makes them an ideal family pet. “Greyhounds are faithful and loyal and adore their human families,” Brooke said.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld is known for their creative rehoming campaigns and their latest ‘Adopt Cuteness, Adopt a Greyhound’ had social media sites buzzing. “It was great branding for Greyhounds and our aim was to promote the positive attributes that they all possess”. “The Greyhounds currently in our care have a thriving support network online who share their photos, their stories and ask after them on a daily basis. Our supporters were so thrilled to see ‘Hugo’ find a home after months of waiting”.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld will continue to find homes for Greyhounds and be active in working with Friends of the Hound and other rescue organisations to help give these beautiful animals a second chance at a new beginning.

If you are looking to extend your furry family then visit the Greyhound’s at the Animal Welfare League of Qld. There are dogs just like ‘Hugo ‘waiting patiently for their new beginning.   Visit for more information or like the AWLQ on Facebook.

10Reasons you should own a Greyhound

  • They are clean, easy to care for and gentle – even a child can handle a Greyhound.
  • They rarely bark, usually only when something is wrong or when they get really excited. They are not generally suitable as a guard dog (however the size is generally a good deterrent).
  • They are very social and can learn to live with other pets in your family
  • A patient and tolerant dog, the Greyhound is usually very good with children and due to their calm, sensitive and friendly nature Greyhounds are very suitable as Therapy Pets for Aged Care facilities and special needs homes.
  • They make great indoor pets due to their short sleek coats, the absence of doggy odour and  placid, sedentary nature
  • A walk each day is more than enough to keep them healthy and happy.  A small yard is fine, particularly if they are getting regular short walks.
  • Greyhounds tend to be “couch potatoes” and are content to laze around on their cosy bed or on the lounge beside their owners.
  • They are toilet trained and are very tidy
  • Their life span is approx 12-14 years

OH Micky you’re so fine

Animal Welfare League of Qld

The Animal Welfare League of Qld is teaming with puppies at the moment. They need our help in finding them homes so they can save more. There seems to be more and more Chihuahua’s and Dachshunds coming through which breaks my heart so please share this post with your friends on Facebook and lets help them find a home. If you are interested in adopting please contact the AWLQ Gold Coast rehoming centre on 0755099000 or visit them on shelter Road at Coombabah For full animal listings please click here

Micky is a two year old Dachshund who is also the father of the puppies below – phone 0755099000 to adopt

Tinkerbell, Fluffy and Husky are Micky’s puppies they are Dachshund x Tibetan Spaniel

Samson is an eight week old Border Collie who is the last of a litter of five to find a home. Look at those eyes!

Caesar and Jay are 8 week old American Staffy puppies 0755099000 to adopt

Agentha is a Dalmation x Great Dane puppy who is looking for a new home 0755099000

Duke is a 6 year old Dachshund x Jack Russell who was surrendered to the AWLQ because his owner sadly passed away. He is such a sweet boy. 0755099000 to adopt

Sushi is a one and a half year old Chihuahua who is cute to boot!

Choose to adopt – there are so many beautiful animals looking for new homes there is no reason to buy from a puppyfarm, backyard breeder or petshop that promotes unethical breeding.

Sanchez compadre’s need a new home

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Seems to be a lot of little Chihuahua’s up for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Qld lately. Please let your friends know if they are looking for a new pet to go and visit the shelter.

Here are the latest:

Donny is a 1 year old teacup chihuahua and is soooo tiny! He is a cute little guy who is looking for a new home at the Animal Welfare League of Qld 0755099000 to adopt

Chicko the 1 year old Chihuahua is a smoochy little girl who is looking for a new place to call her own with owners who will give her lots of love. She is currently calling the Animal Welfare League of Qld home but would love to meet you! 

Here are a few more little ones that we hope to find homes for ASAP

JET – the Kelpie x Foxi 9wks old 0755099000

Jet’s Brother OnyxJust 7 weeks old

 We hope they all find new homes over the weekend.

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