Introducing Petal

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They say three’s a crowd so is four a party?

It was the 24th of June, just your average day at AWLQ when one of the rehoming attendants at the Gold Coast centre grabbed and ushered me in the rehoming pens. “You have to see this Dachshund” said Lani. It’s common knowledge that i’m a sucker for a sausage but was completely awe struck when I met Petal.

Petal was surrendered as she suffered severe separation anxiety and her owners worked a lot. They gave her up in the hope she would find a home with other pets to keep her company.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if I adopted her?”I joked as the scene from Bridesmaids ran through my head.. I WILL NOT BE THE CRAZY DOG LADY I repeated over and over to myself.

I knew a few people who were in love with my dogs and were dying to adopt a dachshund of their own. After making a few phone calls I had a new home lined up for Petal and so I asked if I could foster home until they were able to meet Petal in person.

So Petal was homeward bound to spend the night in the Sausage & Sanchez Dog House.


Safe to say she fit right in. LITERALLY. Between Hans and Roobs at all times. Her previous owners were right she did not like to be alone. With this knowledge the next day I called her new owners and let them know that Petal would need a lot of attention or a fur friend to hang out with and asked if they would be interested in adopting two puppies. They declined so I was back to square one again. Long story short. Petal was working her way in to becoming a permanent fixture in our home. She was Rooby’s shadow – would snuggle up to Hans and would annoy Odie into submission.


Petal looking pretty happy with her new fur friends.

Much to Odie Sanchez’s disgust we adopted Petal a week later and she has been soo much fun to have in our woof pack.


(L-R) Odie Sanchez, Petal, Hans and Roobs

Petal’s First Coat:

Whenever I adopt a dog it’s not long before they are sporting a brand new wardrobe and Petal was no different. I whipped up pretty little Petal something extra special even the TODAY shows Lisa Wilkinson thought she looked fab.



We always knew Lisa had incredible taste in clothing.

So that’s it. The story of Petal and the journey of me turning into the crazy dog lady. If you’re looking for a new pet, choose to adopt. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to have a pound puppy (or four) in my life. 




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