Odie Sanchez – Winter Fashion

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Odie is a true Mexican. He loves a good siesta and loves the heat.10472781_1491319167752421_1318765175_o

In the middle of Summer you can find him under a doona, blanket or pile of towels. When the door bell rings he doesn’t get up but rather barks from under the covers. All you can see is a blanket bouncing up and down insisting you make all the raquet stop because he of course is trying to catch some ZZzzZZZzz’s.

Odie is the master of hide and seek which will probably be his downfall one day because I flop on the couch and usually find him squashed under a blanket buried beneath the sofa cushions.

I made Odie Sanchez a Camo Coat last winter and he just loves it. In fact he has been wearing it pretty much every day since March.

It is lined with fleece and keeps him super toasty. The design means he can wear it all day as well because there are gaps underneath that allow temperature control.

If you are the proud parent of a Chihuahua you will know that they come in a range of sizes and personality types which is why Sausage & Sanchez creates coats custom to your dogs measurements in a range of fabric options.. If you would like a coat for your furbaby be sure to send us an email at sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

Brooke and Odie



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