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While this is predominately a dog blog I have been very entertained lately by all the cats looking for new homes at the AWLQ. There are more than 70 available for adoption of all breeds, ages and sizes. There is NO EXCUSE for getting a pet from anywhere other than a shelter.

Meet my favourites.

Animal ID: 25745
Name: Francis
Age: 2 Years
Breed: Birman
FRANCIS I LOVE YOU! The biggest cuddle bug on the planet! (Despite looking like grumpy cat)

brooke (2)

Manu – Destiny
Age: 3 Months 4 Weeks
Breed: Domestic Short Hair / Domestic Short Hair

brooke (3) brooke+kitten

Animal ID: 25661
Name: Hayley
Age: 9 Months 1 Week
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Hello little miss smoocher. Hayley is definietly a lap cat

hayley_25661 jada+jayden

Animal ID: 24407
Name: Lara
Age: 9 Months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Lara is a little nervous at the shelter and will hide under just about anything. Suffice to say nobody sees her and so she continues to wait for a home. She would love an owner who could bring her out of her shell.


Animal ID: 25834
Name: Lorde
Age: 4 Years
Breed: Persian



Lorde is a gorgeous Persian who is feeling a little sorry for himself after having a very unfortunate haircut because he arrived with cuts that needed to be treated. I just LOVE HIM


Animal ID: 25572
Name: Samson
Age: 3 Years 1 Week
Breed: Domestic Longhair


Have you adopted a cat? Tell us why they make great pets here
Did you know AWLQ has a camera in the kitten enclosure that allows you to view the kittens playing 24/7? Click the image below to TUNE IN


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