Christmas Happenings


The latest from S&S in pictures. It’s Christmas – who reads on the holidays? It’s way more fun to tell a story through pictures. So here here is what we have been up to.

Our latest foster baby (who I really wanted to keep) was finally heavy enough to be desexed and adopted… What’s even better is that Penny got a home with her sister Piranha – There names are now changed and they have a home with three happy little kids who love them very much… WIN! I love knowing my foster babies are loved by their new families.20140105-130824.jpg

VINE VIDEO’S – I am obsessed with the animal vids – and during some vine viewing I came across a new breed of cat called a MUNCHKIN that looks like a Ragdoll hooked up with a Dachshund!

Check them out here

20140105-130136.jpgDOGS & CHOCOLATE
Hans – the worlds sneakiest dog was sniffing out the Christmas chocolate under the tree and by the time Christmas was over had perfected the ‘please mum’ face! NO HANS, NO!



Hans & Odie also got in some beach time – Loving life.


Odie even made some new friends – We hope that the Sanchez’s new years resolution is to be nice to people and to stop giving them a puncture mark upon entry to our home.


Our favourite Staffy Rhino had an unfortunate meeting with a stick. More on this story later – But suffice to say he spent Christmas at the vet and has a pretty mean scar – (impressing all his four legged pals)


We hope you had a really great break and look forward to spending 2014 with you, bigger and brighter than ever

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