Badass Brooklyn Rescue

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My name is Brooklyn – I work for and in animal welfare – so naturally when I saw the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue I knew it would be write up my alley.1275344_592064134188292_2116384262_o

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is an all volunteer network of rescuers, fosters and volunteers who work together to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for sweet, loving, adoptable dogs from pounds in the New York area.

The dogs they rescue are in danger of imminent death as they are on the kill lists at very high volume, high kill pounds. Some of these animal control facilities use extremely inhumane practices like gas chambers and heartstick to euthanise the dogs and many have kill rates in the 90 percents before rescues get involved.

Since March 2011 their dedicated team has found homes for over 1000 animals looking for a safe and loving home. Dogs just like jigsaw (pictured right).

Social media is so important to the sucsess of these rehomings. Through finding volunteers, carers and ultimately new owners they cannot continue the work that they do without the help of the local community, and social media plays a huge part in raising awareness. The Badass’s are working towards opening their own rehoming centre and hope that in 2013 they find homes for 365 dogs (one for each day of the year).

Be sure to check them out on Facebook



Torpedo turned out to be “The One” for this Badass family!

Mum tells us that his new name is Lenox, and he already has lots of aunts and uncles in his life.

Everyone’s thrilled about the new addition!

(Taken from BBAR FB PAGE)

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