Forest for the Trees


When you work in a non-profit organisation sometimes it feels like you can’t see the forest for the trees. Everyone is always hustling and bustling with thousands of jobs to do and no time to do it in. Cats and dogs seem to flood in and only trickle out and stress is high. You can be forgiven for thinking what’s the point, are we even making a shred of difference? – Before quickly shaking it off and carrying on.

When you are paid little, have loads of responsibility and the product you have to sell is an abandonedImage or stray animal whose life is in your hands you’re job becomes your HEART WORK and let me tell you it’s bloody HARD WORK.

Every now and again however you reach a new milestone, you find a home for a long term animal, someone compliments you on your dedication and passion for your work and you smile and take a deep breath, before the next wave of animals arrive. Last weekend’s ADOPT OUT was one of those moments.

The AWLQ arrived at the RNA showgrounds with volunteers and staff who worked without pay to find homes for our animals in Brisbane as part of the BIG ADOPT OUT. Before the doors had officially opened the AWLQ stall was inundated.

We were humbled by the amount of support the people of Brisbane had for our shelter and they were all too eager to adopt our animals, within five minutes our six dogs had been adopted and we were on the phone to the rehoming centres telling them to send more. As they day wore on we rehomed 19 dogs into loving homes and had our hearts filled with happy stories and a sense that we weren’t alone in our fight for homeless animals. I took a moment and smiled.

Thank you to everyone in the animal welfare industry and in particular those who give up their time, their hearts and their homes for animals in need. You may not think you are getting anywhere but you are changing the world – one rehoming at a time.



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