Take your dog to work day

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Every day is Take Your Dog To Work Day at Sausage & Sanchez. So much so Hans & Odie are practically on the payroll. (Paid in cuddles and Treats-a-la-Bark cookies of course).

On June 21 (Friday) Local shelter Animal Welfare League QLD are encouraging the community and local businesses to get involved in ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ a day that promotes the bond between humans and their pets.

TYDTWDay has been going strong for 15 years, with employees around the world making room in their cubicles for their canine colleagues to encourage pet adoption.DSC_3559

There are loads of benefits in taking your dog to work including:

Increased Productivity
Bringing a dog to work increases employee productivity level due to decreased stress.

Reduced Absenteeism
Stress is a major driver to absenteeism and reducing stress by having the dog in the workplace could lower stress and ultimately decrease absenteeism.

Increased Employee Interaction
A dog is a great icebreaker. When you walk your dog hoe many times do you get stopped by passersby? If you have a small dog or young puppy you almost have to fight off a stampede. (when Hans & Odie are out and about I constantly make new friends)

 Promotes Healthier Habits
Having their dog at work forces the employee to take the dog for a walk and get fresh air.
Even a short walk during a 15-minute break can revitalise employees which makes them more productive.

To learn more or to get involved with TYDTWday log on www.takeyourdog.com

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