Rhino the Staffy

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Rhino is a handsome staffy who found normal coats itchy. We found the softest fleece we could and made him a very special Camo coat.. He is surely the coolest pooch in the dog park now and his mum days he is itch free!!

Order a camo coat by emailing sausageandsanchez@gmail.com 20130521-172600.jpg

Now making coats for Staffies.


Order yours sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

The Ruff Club

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If you have ever wanted to take your dog for a walk then stop off for a coffee chances are you have been shunned or asked to leave your dog tied to a pole on the sidewalk. While the Gold Coast is moving at a snails pace in terms of relaxing their cafe rules a team in NYC will be opening a bar soley exculsive to people who own pets.

In fact if you don’t own a dog, you can’t get in. The Ruff Club is a work in progress and hopes to open in November this year. It will be a doggy day care and boarding kennel for up to 40 animals that will come  equipped with toys and equipment, such as salvaged park benches.

The front area, complete with tables and chairs, will give customers free wireless Internet accessThe owners hope the club will turn in to a social hub for pet owners and will give them a chance to meet new friends for themselves as well as their pets.

For dogs that will be boarding at the Ruff Club owners will have the opportunity be able to log into webcams to view their pets remotely.

To learn more check out  THE RUFF CLUB 

Next time I am in NYC I will be sure to check it out!