Maddie on Things.


I have an obsession with photography. Espscially pet photography – As you may have noticed from earlier posts I like things a little left of centre and photography with shelter dogs are my absoloute favourite. When I stumbled upon the blog Maddie on Things by photographer Theron Humphrey I knew Christmas had come early.8

Theron describes his precious pooch as a great hunter, full of energy then flips and is super calm and cuddly – the perfect pet!

Maddie was adopted from a shelter – Humphery was about to embark on a year long adventure through the 50 states of the USA when he decided he would need company.

After a search on Pet Finder he decided that he just had to meet Maddie. ‘She looked like a Deer and when I was walking her from her pen she leaned on me the whole way.. I knew I had to adopt her’ he said.

Maddie has taken on a huge following and is growing to be more popular by the day. She even has her own Iphone app!

You can buy Theron’s book Maddie on Things here

Check Maddie out on Vimeo

Maddie Book Tour! from This Wild Idea on Vimeo.

Some of Theron and Maddie’s photos

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View more photos of Maddie or buy prints here

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i’m sorry

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I have some news. I have been cheating on you and I am taking this time to ask for your forgiveness.

If you are a regular follower of our Sausage & Sanchez blog you would have noticed that I have been quite lately. For almost 40 days to be exact. Believe me I haven’t been happy about it either but I have had a bit of bloggers fatigue and I have also started a Tumblr account for the Animal Welfare League of Qld which has kept me very, very busy. Check it out here.. I am kind of obsessed with it.


Hans & Odie have been busy as well – they have been travelling around the coutry side doing as dogs do best. I will write more about this in a dedicated post but here is a bit of a visual round up (because why read when you can look at the pictures right)?

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Hans & Odie have also been playing foster brothers to an adorable little Chug named Bells. By Chug I mean a Chihuahua x Pug. I will again write a dedicated post about this little beauty because my gosh there is too much to say about the little fire cracker and we will be so sad when it is time for her to find her forever home.



I promise to be more up to date in the coming days but I hope you enjoy this round up and I will be in touch soon.

Sausage & Sanchez.