The day Hans met Delilah

Hans Sausage

I knew it would happen – but I didn’t think at the age of one I would be needing to sit Hans down for ‘the talk’.

Hans has a crush….

A big one…

On a celebrity..

Named Delilah.

Han’s met Delilah when she stopped by for a playdate after an appearance for the AWLQ. Han’s had never met a dog with such long legs before. He hangs with the likes of the Sanchez and his two Foxi x cousins who are all much smaller than him.

When he met Delilah, he was hooked.. He followed her around for hours and just stared at her. They played and played until they could play no more. Curling up with one another for a nap. BLISS.. He was most devestated when she left and he tries everyday to come to work so he might be able to see her again. AINT LOVE GRAND!?! 1 2 3 4 5

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