Delilah leaves BIG BROTHER

Animal Welfare League of Qld

Tonight millions will tune in to watch Delilah, everyone’s favorite housemate leave the Big Brother house. What started as a two week stint was quickly extended thanks to the positive feedback by viewers and fans of the show.

Delilah has become the poster pooch for shelter dogs and especially the AWLQ, the shelter in which she came.

Delilah has highlighted to the nation the kinds of personality traits typical of dogs waiting for a second chance in shelters Australia wide. She has made it abundantly clear that shelter dogs crave affection and make great companions for a any kind of family.

Delilah’s cheeky and playful personality is a credit to the shelter for giving her the attention and affection she needed while she waited for her forever home.

The AWLQ’s enrichment programs such as beach walking 3 times a week means the dogs rarely spend a full day in their kennels and are able to play with other dogs while also getting regular human companionship.

Run by volunteers the program is a welcome distraction from shelter life, and when the beach van pulls up you can be sure there are tails wagging.

I hope that Delilah’s presence in the Big Brother house makes people consider adoption when looking for a pet to join their family.


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