Gold Coast Pet Expo

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What a day we had at Varsity Lakes hanging out with the local pooches. The Gold Coast Pet Expo was in full swing with little lovelies in all shapes and sizes. It was so great to meet up with supporters of Sausage and Sanchez. My favorite of the day though had to be catching up with my little Olive, the Rottwieler pup we fostered a little while back. She is growing so quickly and her new proud parents have renamed her Ebony.


Daisy the Corgi


So good to catch up with little Olive – Now Ebony!


Poppy the Lion Daxie


Gracie has mummy kisses all over her nose.


Frankie the Dachshund looking oh so stylish!



Pearl the baby Chihuahua


Sanchez the Boxer and Pablo the Chihuahua – The cutest duo ever!


How does your sausage roll? These little cuties were riding in style around the expo!


















Deaf, Blind and still loving life. This 20 year old Maltese has the life I wish for all animals. A life filled with lots of LOVE

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