Fat Sausage (Bratwurst)


I noticed the other day Hans Sausage’s designer Sausage & Sanchez coat collection was starting to fit a little snug around his tummy – thinking it must have shrunk in the wash, (gotta love product testing) I ignored it.  But it wasn’t until I saw him trying to look out the window of my car and I saw his little head on a chubby body did I realise I was making my dog fat.

I thought back at the past week on what he had eaten. Pigs ears, Barf, Bones, treats when I take him to work, left overs, a little bit of our breakfast here and there and goodness knows what he eats when he hangs out with his Tom (his dad).

Hans has nailed the ‘i’m starving why don’t you love me’ look.

You know this one

Which is why he is beginning to look like the dog below.

As soon as I realised I had a Bratwurst on my hands I decided I needed to give his nutrition and exercise routines a major overhall.

Hans is now on a strict portion controlled diet and is walked twice a day – I will keep you posted on his progress.

Is your Dog fat?

It can sometimes be hard to tell. Dogs with lots of hair may in actual fact be underweight. A good way to tell is by Placing your thumbs on your pet’s spine and then spread your fingers across its rib cage. You should be able to discern each rib easily, there should be no more than a thin layer of fat over the ribs. If it feels spongy, if you can’t find the ribs, your pet is overweight.

Viewed from above, your pet should clearly have shoulders, ribs, waist and hips. If there is no waist, or if the waist is bigger than the hips, your pet isn’t pudgy, it’s FAT!

If you are still confused ask a vet – they will give it to you straight. Don’t kill your dog with food just becuase they look sad when you are eating.

It is really important to keep your dogs weight in check but even more important if you own a dachshund. If your dachshund becomes obese, they will most likely have back problems as well and the last thing you want is to have your poor little Sausage in a wheelchair.

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