Dog Shaming


Go on admit it – your dog isn’t perfect.

All dogs, (yes mine included) have their cheeky traits, some embarrassing others down right discusting and some too rude to mention.

Which is why I am obsessed with this new blog dog shaming.

Dog shaming is a website where people can upload photo confessions of the funny naughty things their dogs do..

Below are a couple of my favourites.. Do yourself a favour – check it out!

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6 thoughts on “Dog Shaming

  1. What a funny read! Thanks so much for today’s blog, it made me laugh out loud! I love it! I’m sure all of our beloved pooch’s have a dirty secret or two. Mine is addicted to eating bra’s, underwear and slippers, and makes really uncomfortable eye contact with me when she is outside doing her business. It’s disturbing!

  2. Love it! This is very good for a laugh cos we all know our dog’s do disgusting things. I feel bad for talking about our old doggy who is now in doggy heaven, but I will anyway 🙂 On a camping trip we were on 8 years ago with no amenities block (no toilets), he found and ate his masters number 2’s. Ewwww Gross!!!!!! Dogs cross the line so badly. We love them and treat them like humans but they so quickly remind us that in fact they are and always will be… Dogs!

  3. Haha, I saw this too, though hadn’t seen some of the ones you posted. The wine one is particularly choice.
    I read this the day that our pup managed to mangle both our blackberries in one morning- before we’d even left for work. I must come up with something appropriate and post it.
    But she wouldn’t be so cute if she weren’t so naughty!

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