A Day in the Big Blue

Hans Sausage, Odie Sanchez

What a glorious weekend!!! Having recently purchased a new boat from friends who are sadly leaving us for the grey skys of Melbourne we decided to spend the day on the water with family seeing what our new pontoon boat could do.

Hans Sausage and Odie Sanchez are often seen cruising the canals of the Gold Coast but it isn’t every day they go across the seaway in the big waves.. They coped quite well which was a relief to me because quite frankly I didn’t want to be spending my Sunday cleaning up puppy spew in our new craft. Check out our photos below:

Tom getting aquainted with the new gadgets

Tom and his Dad

Tina, James and my sister Breanna

Odie hanging out in his very comfortable abode


My love and my Hans Sausage

Anchor Down  – Hans loves the water and will not sit still when boating. He is always bouncing around from one side to the other, tail wagging, nose sniffing and ears flying in the wind. funniest sight ever!

Ever Since Hans was little he has been out on the water – Hare are a couple of my favourite photos of him growing up on the big blue.

Han’s first life jacket.

In the Ski Boat

Watching his dad wakeboarding

Odie is more the fashionista. He is quite happy to be laying back watching everyone do their thing. He does love boating apparal though – Don’t you just love his collar?!

Here is Odie after we took him for a little ride on our Jet Ski. He LOVED IT!


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