Lazy Sundaze

Hans Sausage, Notes from S&S

I love Sunday’s, especially when it starts with a trip to The Village Markets (TVM) with Hans Sausage and my good friend Magda. TVM is full of crafty goods and clothing, delicious food and fun people. I would love to have a Sausage & Sanchez stall there one day soon. It is also lots of fun because it is the one of few places on the Gold Coast where you can take your dog without raised eyebrows or cranky shop keepers and there is always lots of tail wagging and butt sniffing.. HANS LOVES IT! Check out photos here.

After the markets Magda and I took Hans to Burleigh Hill where he met an Australian Bulldog and proceeded to play hide and seek as he wasn’t sure if he would be squashed or eaten if he got too close.

When we got home I pulled out the sewing machine and inspired by the creatives at the markets got to work on a new coat for the little Lo-rider.

It is so hard to find a coat that fits Han’s body shape which was a big reason why I started Sausage & Sanchez. As it turns out I am not alone. Most of the Sausage & Sanchez fans are owners of dogs that are cross breeds with odd body shapes which leaves them with little options in the winter coat department.

I made a similar style of coat for Odie a couple of weeks ago and think it is a great design as it keeps their little chests warm. Hans lays on his tummy a lot so these style is ideal and I think he looks so handsome!

We will be selling this design in the S&S store from Monday for $55.

For custom sizing email details to

I think he likes his new threads.

What did you get up to with your poochies on this beautiful day?

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