Odie & his Yellow Lemons


This week I came up with another coat design and although it looks pretty strange when laid flat, it actually works really well and keeps Odie’s belly snug as a bug. It ties up at the back which is good for those puppies who try to escape their coats or rip them off throughout the night.
Check him out below doing a bit of a photo shoot this morning with our S&S Lovely Bones. To order your coat or Lovely Bones email: sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

And here are some photos of the Handsome Hans Sausage

And the Lovely Bones

What did you get up to this weekend?

Han’s Sausage & his blue balls

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I was tinkering around today and thought I would get a little creative and pull apart an old blanket that was stating to fade. Han’s is obsessed with squeaky toys and so I set about inventing something that would keep him busy and that wouldn’t be destroyed in 2 minutes flat. I think the results were pretty impressive and Hans loves it!

For those of you who like to recycle as well… Here is what I did…


What you will need

Old blanket (see below)
Sewing Machine
Needle & thread
Crazy Dachshund

Old Blanket – I loved this one because it was a knit and Han’s teeth can penetrate it without ripping SUCCESS!!

Step 1: Cut out circle shape

Step 2: Sew both pieces together

Step 3: fill with stuffing

Step 4: Insert squeaker

Step 5: Hand stitch closed

Step 6: Give to your pooch and watch them try to destroy it.

Give a dog a……..Makeover??

Animal Welfare League of Qld, Photographers

Meet Milo and Mango.. Two 4 year old Cocker Spaniels x Mini Poodles.

Mango and his brother Milo have been together for their entire lives. Due to the ill health of their owner who loved them dearly they had to be surrendered to the Animal Welfare League of Qld.

When they arrived at the shelter their hair was badly matted, they smelled and had dreadlocks. Their personalities however remained in tact.

A little out of sorts and not knowing why they now called the shelter home, AWLQ staff thought they would be the perfect candidates for a day at the groomers in a bid to help them not only find a home sooner, but also feel happier and knot free..

Enter… Bella’s Pampered Paws

Bella’s Pampered Paws on the Gold Coast is a dog grooming business where your dog can be groomed in the comfort of a home environment. Bella’s Pampered Paws is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction when it comes to your dog grooming or Poodle grooming needs. Owner Leah was kind enough to give these two pooches the royal treatment.

Check out Bella’s Pampered Paws price list here

Check out Milo getting de-matted

Only a ‘little bit’ of the hair taken off Milo and Mango

After their day at the groomers Milo and Mango were lucky enough to have their photos taken by the lovely Diana from K9 Photography and they looked a million dollars!! (and knew it too).

Check out the behind the scenes action on YouTube here:


Don’t they look incredible! Mango (as seen above) is such a snuggly little mate. He is always up for a cuddle and will nestle right in to you. He knows how to sit and is very well behaved. Milo has a little more energy. Definitely the more dominant of the two but still just as personable.

Check out the professional shots by K9 Photography

HAPPY ENDING: Less than 24 hours after their makeover Milo and Mango were adopted and will be the new best friends of two very happy little boys.

Got Fans? S&S sure do!

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Hans Sausage & Odie Sanchez are becoming more and more popular by the day, This I knew… What I didn’t know is that they would start getting fan mail!! Han’s was even sent a wooden Dachshund all the way from Sweden! Check it out below….

If you would like to send S&S a present or a product to review please email sausageandsanchez@gmail.com

What is this thing mum???

Presents?? Don’t mind if I do!

Love letters…….But mum it says its from Butch…. Butch is a girls name… right… (gulp)…

Love and Licks the celebs… Previously known as Odie and Hans. xoxo

Odie’s Butt…

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On Christmas Eve 2011 Odie Allan Sanchez was very excited as he was set to spend the break with me at my parent’s 100 acre property in NSW. No leash, hanging out with the farm dogs and Hans Sausage, chasing cows, rolling in poop…. You know the good life!

What he didn’t expect, (nor I for that matter) was that he would wind up in a country vet clinic undergoing an operation to fix a soon to burst Anal Gland. A WHAT? I hear you say, yep you heard correctly ANAL GLAND. Now I never knew this but these little glands are realllly important. Most people, (myself included), would never think about their dog’s anal glands until there’s a problem with them. For those of you that are wondering, (and come on you have read this far so how can you not be), these glands are designed to provide lubrication when a dog passes a stool, and they also give each dog its own unique scent. They are sometimes more affectionately known as ‘scent glands’.

Now Odie is a bit of a lazy chap and spends pretty much all day under a blanket chilling out and snoozing, so for me to realise he had a ‘full’ rear end  and was in pain was difficult. To be honest the first sign I knew something was wrong was when I let him out of the car after our journey to the farm and he yelped when he tried to poop. I assumed he had been bitten on the bum by an ant, (who doesn’t think pooping right next to an ants nest is the best idea ever)?

Just hours after the initial Yelp his right butt cheek had swollen and he found walking difficult. He would walk a couple of steps, sit, try again, and sit. THIS WAS VERY UPSETTING!! I phoned the Vet who I had caught just in the nick of time as he was leaving for his Christmas holidays and  before I could even get Odie’s symptoms out of my mouth he blurted, ‘IT’S GOTTA BE HIS ANAL GLANDS..’……. “Ummmmmmmmmmmm excuse me?”I said, horrible images running through my head. This was followed by “YEEEEEEEP, you had better bring him in pronto, that little bugger would have to be in pain”. Great, am I the mother of the year or what? I thought hanging up the phone and racing out the door almost forgetting to even grab Odie on the way out.

When I got to the clinic it dawned on me that I was taking my teeny tiny Chihuahua to a Veterinarian that helps deliver lambs and calves before breakfast and it was probably a while since he had seen a dog a small as Odie. The ‘that’s not a dog, this is a dog,’ jokes were already running through my mind and I almost got back in my car set to forego Christmas and take my little Chi back to the Gold Coast. But when I entered the clinic I was happy to meet Joe, a kind, no nonsense bloke who was so nice to Odie and promised he would take very good care of him.

Odie had to be put under anaesthetic and basically have his butt check sliced open in order for the Veterinarian to fix his gland but as soon as he woke up it was if he was a brand new dog. (With a really trendy shaved backside and a gaping hole in his butt cheek no less).

Every few months now I make sure that I take Odie to the clinic for a check up and to make sure his ‘glands’ are in check and I think if you own a small dog you should put it on your to do list as well.. Here are the signs to look out for in your dog.

Signs the Glands Are Impacted

If your dog’s anal glands fail to express properly, they may actually become impacted and make your dog very uncomfortable. Watch for these signs:

·       Your dog begins scooting or dragging his rear across the floor.

·       Your dog keeps licking or chewing near his rectum.

·       Your dog’s stools have become soft and mushy.

·       You’ll likely notice a foul or “fishy” odor coming from your dog’s rear.

If you notice one or more of these signs, it may be a good idea to take your dog in for a check-up or end up watching your dogs butt blow up like a balloon and have them not be able to walk more than a metre before sitting down and wincing in pain. (Broke my heart).

Love and Licks Brooke, Hans + Odie

Gifts under $30 from Treats A La Bark

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A big thank you to Treats a La Bark for once again supporting Sausage & Sanchez and including our Lovely Bones in their gifts post over the weekend. See below to see what other gifts under $30 made the cut or to see the full article click here

Under $30

  1. Brandog double leather collar. $28. Extra strong double leather collar. Genuine leather upper. Soft faux leather inner lining. Extra strong stainless steel buckle. Quality stitching detail. Stainless steel bone ornaments.
  2. Big Bone Organic Shampoo for Sensitive Skin. $25. Available from Paws & Co. Rose Geranium, Chamomile & Lavender. Help your furry friend find relief from itching and scratching with this gentle formula that deeply cleans and deodorises skin and fur. Pure essential oils of Rose Geranium, Chamomile and Lavender help to heal and soothe dry and hypo-allergenic skin.
  3. Sausage & Sanchez Lovely Bones. $15. Made from cute fabric, this gorgeous toy will make a gorgeous addition to your dog’s play time!
  4. Save a life $20 from Pet Rescue. It takes just $20 for Pet Rescue to help a pet find a new home through the PetRescue website and rehoming programs. $20 is such a small sum to save the life of a homeless pet, but with 40,000 pets looking for new homes in the last year alone, we need your support to continue to give these pets the second chance they deserve, If you’re an animal lover and just can’t imagine life without your pet, help save another by donating $20 today.
  5. The Jingo by Hey Pup. $6.95. Fun to squeak and always fun to play with! The Jingo, with its squeaky core provides hours of entertainment. The three points also give you something to hang on to when playing tug-of-war.
  6. Fuzzyard I love Food Bowl. $14.95. Available from Pets Palace. This funky new bowl design by FuzzYard will look fantastic in any home. There are 3 new designs to choose from either matching their skull range of collars, leads and tags or just cool designs that mimic the carnival spotty beds and the I love food tags. Check out all 3 new styles on the site so you can pick your favourite or favourites whatever the case may be. Available in Small 16cm, Medium 19cm and Large 23cm.
  7. Puppia Elegant heart crystal collar charm. $9.90 Available from Furberry.  Being a dog has never been more glamorous! These gorgeous silver heart crystals are designed to go on your dog collar and come in three stunnning colours; blue, red & clear. The charm is 3cm in length and the heart is 1cm in width. Add a little glamour to your dog collar!
  8. Fuzzyard So Fetch Dog Tag. $9.95. Available from Pets Palace. This super-cool ID tag is a fantastic accessory for your dogs collar. Only 3cm in diameter and made from the highest quality materials this tag will give your dog added street style. Great for all weather conditions plus fully engravable on the back.