There was 4 in the bed until Brooklyn said….

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ImageI have a confession to make……It will be good to finally get it off my chest.. I have been keeping it all to myself for far too long and I think it is about time I told someone….


Every night I go to bed with 3 boys.

There I said it… They all have the most beautiful big brown eyes and I am truely, madly, deeply in love with all of them.

I don’t know how it happened. I swore it would just the one time.

But this has been my reality for almost a year now and you know what? I don’t think I would have it any other way!

Of course I am talking about HANS SAUSAGE, ODIE SANCHEZ and THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, (who did you think I was speaking about tisk,tisk). 

And these were my feelings before I read this article which talks about all the germs and bed bugs you are inviting in to your bed when you allow your dogs to call a bit of your mattress their own.

“When your dog sleeps on your bed, he is also bringing with him all his little treasures he has managed to pick up throughout the day. Since he doesn’t shower daily like you do, you are relying solely on the power of his tongue to clean away the dirt and the general ook he has picked up from outside. I like sleeping with my dog. I don’t like sleeping with his ook. And no matter how many times I convince myself that he is clean enough, he brings it in with him. The evidence is in the way the blankets smell the next morning. Kind of ookie.

What’s worse is when your sloppy pal has brought home a few friends. Right before bed while you took him out for his evening pee, he was out there collecting souvenirs. Of course, you’ll notice them the next morning when you wake up with flea bites on your rear. This can be a little unsettling. No matter how much I love my dog, I do not love sleeping with bugs. In fact, we spend a lot of money on shelter to guarantee we won’t have to sleep with bugs. If humans enjoyed sharing their bed with bugs, we’d all still be sleeping in caves. Fleas don’t care whether it’s human blood or dog blood they are consuming. They just need the blood to survive”. (taken from Professors House).

Did anyone else’s skin just crawl a little? I know mine did!Image

Of course there are lots of reasons we invent to convince ourselves that letting the dogs sleep on the bed is ok such as:

Health/safety: if the dog has a medical emergency, it will be quite easy to hear and respond. Plus, if the dog needs to go out, it won’t need to spend undue amounts of time getting your attention.

Security: if there is something amiss, the dog will be aware of it before the humans are, and can act as the first line of defense. This goes for fire safety, too.

Mental health: dogs are pack animals, and crave the presence of others. The aforementioned mini-dachs gets very lonely at night, and there’s really no need for a dog to be lonely at night.

But if you look really closely don’t you think we let them sleep on the bed because we secretly want them to be close by? Because we want something to snuggle up next to when we are home alone? Because they are our best mates and even having them in a bed on the floor is to far away? Becuase we don’t want them to feel left out or unloved? Or because we weren’t strong enough in our training to stop them from continually jumping up on the bed and making themselves at home.. (Any of this sound familiar)?

On the bed, in the laundry, in the garage or outside, wherever your dog rests his head at night know that they will feel loved no matter what…. Now, to see if I am stong enough to kick my habit and take back the bed for myself…… (I do not like my chances).

Where does your dog sleep?

odie sticking his tounge out

Happy Wednesday ❤ Sausage and Sanchez

8 thoughts on “There was 4 in the bed until Brooklyn said….

  1. Beautiful post! Rufio sleeps in our bed! I love it! He is so comfy and he snuggles into me. I couldn’t ask for anything more! A lot of people get into me about it but I couldn’t imagine bed time without snuggling my dog 🙂

  2. Peach used to sleep in my bed before the man of the house came along (Clay) now Peach and Rhino sleep on mini beds beside our bed. This way Clay and I have our time and dont have two little gremlins shoving their bodies between us.
    Love them to bits but we need our space too!
    Great post!

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