Animal Welfare League of Qld

I know lots of people visit the S&S blog for a bit of light humour, to check out what Hans Sausage and Odie Sanchez have been up to or to check out the latest goings on in the Sausage & Sanchez design room but today is different.. Today we are getting serious..

If you own a dog chances are you have heard about parvo virus (parvo for short). It is one of the most horrifying viruses a dog can contract and is especially deadly in puppies and older dogs. It is highly contagious and can jump from dog to dog very quickly, even with indirect contact.

Parvo Virus is a highly resistant type of virus which can survive in soil for months and is very hard to get rid of. Parvo Virus is able to resist common disinfectants and detergents. It is commonly transmitted through direct contact in both adult dogs and puppies. More specifically, the virus can be transmitted through the faeces of infected dogs or from mother to puppies.

When a poor pooch contracts parvo the following happens:

The lymphatic system serves as the replicating point for the virus, particularly around the throat. The bloodstream is then infected, and the virus begins attacking other lymphatic cells, the intestines, and bone marrow.

This causes weakening of the intestinal tissue, and so the separation begins to deteriorate, severely affecting digestion. Bacteria normally contained in the intestines are then allowed to flood the bloodstream, causing more problems. This is VERY PAINFUL!!

Dogs then lose appetite, they get dehidrated from having consistant diarrhoea and lose weight.

Vet care for this virus costs hundreds and thousands of dollars and in most cases the dogs die a painful death anyway.


Vaccinating your animal is something I preach to all pet owners because as a responsible pet owner it should be a top priority to keep your animal safe.

The Animal Welfare League of Qld vaccinate with the C5 vaccination from $84 – $84 to save your pet from the risk or potentially contracting a horrible virus that can be caught by walking on infected soil or from your dog ingesting poop at the park. WHY RISK IT!!!

The AWLQ are running a campaign for the month of June. They want to raise $3,750 to put towards the cost of vaccinating 150 cats and dogs against Feline Aids and Parvo.

Donate to the cause by clicking the bone below

To vaccinate one shelter dog or cat costs the shelter $25. It is a small price to pay to help get a shelter animal ready to be made available for adoption.

When was the last time your pet was vaccinated?? If you don’t remember CALL YOUR VET NOW!!

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