Pooch Caricatures


With pets becoming more and more part of the family I am constantly seeing unique ideas for the dog and dog lover who has everything. From designer beds and chew toys to vitamins and minerals to ensure your dogs attitude and health are in tip-top shape. Which is why it came as no surprise that Dog Caricatures are gaining momentum as being a popular gift for the avid dog lover.

Enter Tim McFarlin, a Sydney based Graphic Designer and Freelance Illustrator who has a website for people wanting to “characterise their poochies”.

When asked how he came up with the idea he said:

“I love dogs and Illustration and thought it was only logical that I combine the two! – I love what I do and try to get 100% out of each illustration. I try to capture the dogs looks but most importantly their personality!”

Tim’s work is quirky and cool and would not look out of place in a Disney movie. Check out his gallery here

He is running a competition right now for Australian residents to win a Caricature worth  $59 To enter click here 

I will definitely be needing to track this guy down to create something special for Sausage & Sanchez sometime soon.

*Photo taken from Tim’s Facebook page

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