The S&S Belly Band


I was asked this week by the lovely Andie to create a Belly Band for her little Mini Poodle Bitsa. I had never heard of a Belly Band before so when I did my research I was surprised to see just how effective and clever they actually are.

So what is a Belly Band I hear you ask?

A Belly Band is for male pooches who think it is AOK to lift their leg on furniture inside your house. They can also be used for toilet training and for older incontenant dogs. They are great for dominant dogs who MUSt leave their scent on everything around them.. (including the expensive couch).

The garment is a narrow piece of material that is lined with a disposable diaper or a sanitary  napkin. It is fitted around a male dog’s waist and secured with strips of velcro to secure in place. Belly Bands are used only on male dogs.


What are they made out of?

I made Andie’s Belly Band out of Cotton and a light Fleece. This is so it has a little bit of stretch while being soft against the poochies skin. See the design to the right. There is a pouch in the middle to place puppy pads or a napkin to absorb liquid qhich can then easily be disposed of.

Aging Dogs

Providing an elderly dog with a belly band helps keep a dog  clean when he has the urge to urinate. Using a band is particularly useful when  the aging dog has lost control of its bladder or if its urinating habits have  changed due to disease or confusion.


The Belly Band is not meant to be worn constantly and should be taken off when your dog has just been to the bathroom outside. They are a great aid in potty training your puppy or to stop your dog weeing on the furniture. No more running around after your pooch and monitoring his bladder movements.


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