Kreativ Blogger Award


Treats a la Bark has nominated Sausage & Sanchez for the Kreativ Blogger award which is such an exciting thing because we have only had our blog up and running for a little under a month, so thank you!!!

Kreativ Blogger Award

The rules for the award state I must do the following:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award to 7 nominees

So here we go, 7 things about me, Hans Sausage & Odie Sanchez.

1. I am 27 years old and work at the Animal Welfare League of Qld on the Gold Coast. I am passionate about animal welfare and love when our AWLQ guests find their forever homes and get a second chance at a happy life.  By night I am creating pet clothes and building our brand Sausage and Sanchez. (The name derived from Hans Sausage and Odie Sanchez, who are both past guests of the AWLQ).

2. Hans Sausage is Mini Dachshund x Mini Fox Terrier. He was found in a dog park at 5 weeks old and was brought to the AWLQ where I met and fell in love with him at first sight. His shelter name was Rocky.

3. Odie Sanchez is 5, (he has been my little com-padre for one year). A week into my job at the AWLQ I was asked to foster a dog that had kennel cough (a common dog flu that effects shelter dogs when they are kept in close quarters). I said OK and was introduced to a skinny little Chihuahua named Billy who was wearing a t-shirt that had SECURITY written on it. I took him home, gave him a bath and he has been mine ever since. We had to change his name from Billy to something a little more Mexican, Jose Quervo and Speedy Gonzales were also on the naming short list before we settled on ODIE ALLAN SANCHEZ. The name Odie came from ODEN (Mythical character Thor’s father, not Garfield like everyone thinks). Allan came from this YouTube ad that was big at the time and Sanchez well, goes without saying doesn’t it? He is MEXICAN!!

4. Odie insists he is hand fed and is the worlds fussiest eater. He hates cool breezes, drafts, anything cool at all. which is why he loves his S&S coats.

5. Hans must hump my boyfriends arm every night before bed for 25 seconds.

6. Odie has balls of steel!!! He chases, cows, cats, other large dogs and pretty much anything Hans barks at.

7. I believe every animal should be loved as much as I love Hans & Odie xoxo

As the rules state, I would like to pass the Kreative Blogger award onto the following 7 bloggers.

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Odie the day we brought him home.



You’ve got to be in it to win it right?

Sausage & Sanchez is excited to announce that we are holding our first ever Facebook competition in order to get more of your pets in to our snuggly custom coats. We know you’re poochie will be every so grateful and will look fabulous in a coat designed to suit his/her measurements! All you have to do is upload your photo here, write a caption explaining why your darling 4-legged friend needs a new coat then get your friends to like your photo and whoever has the most votes wins!

We can’t wait to see all your beautiful poochies photos – The winner will also get a Lovely Bone in a colour determined by you!

So get uploading and spread the word – tell your friends to vote!!

Competition ends on the 9th of May.

Winner Drawn on the 10th.

If you haven’t already liked us on FaceBook Click Here

Pooch Caricatures


With pets becoming more and more part of the family I am constantly seeing unique ideas for the dog and dog lover who has everything. From designer beds and chew toys to vitamins and minerals to ensure your dogs attitude and health are in tip-top shape. Which is why it came as no surprise that Dog Caricatures are gaining momentum as being a popular gift for the avid dog lover.

Enter Tim McFarlin, a Sydney based Graphic Designer and Freelance Illustrator who has a website for people wanting to “characterise their poochies”.

When asked how he came up with the idea he said:

“I love dogs and Illustration and thought it was only logical that I combine the two! – I love what I do and try to get 100% out of each illustration. I try to capture the dogs looks but most importantly their personality!”

Tim’s work is quirky and cool and would not look out of place in a Disney movie. Check out his gallery here

He is running a competition right now for Australian residents to win a Caricature worth  $59 To enter click here 

I will definitely be needing to track this guy down to create something special for Sausage & Sanchez sometime soon.

*Photo taken from Tim’s Facebook page

Cats in Clothes

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Cat is clothes is the genius idea of Artist Heather Mattoon. Recently featuring in FRANKIE magazine Mattoon’s adorable Cats in Clothes series  is one for the feline obsessed. All of the kitties she paints have names, occupations and wear cool clothes just like their keepers.


Take George for example; George is quiet, loves science, especially quantum theory, and feels that doctors should be more forthcoming with health advice despite the influence of the pharmaceutical companies. (pretty insightful for a feline wouldn’t you say?)

Mattoon describes herself as a visual artist who spends lots of hertime in physical and sprirtual therapy since an accident 4 years ago which left her a paraplegic.

Mattoon has 3 cats Megan, Mama-Mia and Edgar who are her inspiration and who each have their own quirky personalities.

“We should be more like cats: soulful, stylish, and entirely unconcerned with others’ opinions” Mattoon says. Cats in Clothes bring something lively and optimistic that surpasses a meditative tone.  Sure, cats are lost in thought sometimes but they’re also very stylish.

The series share a unique mix of playful and strict with realistic details in soft brush strokes enlivened by human like expressions and custom outfits.



Savannah is a city girl, feminine and fierce! She takes kick-boxing classes and works as a wine buying consultant.

Mattoon’s next series will be called Dogs in Clothes and Sausage & Sanchez can’t wait to see it finished. But for now here is one to wet the palatte.

The S&S Belly Band


I was asked this week by the lovely Andie to create a Belly Band for her little Mini Poodle Bitsa. I had never heard of a Belly Band before so when I did my research I was surprised to see just how effective and clever they actually are.

So what is a Belly Band I hear you ask?

A Belly Band is for male pooches who think it is AOK to lift their leg on furniture inside your house. They can also be used for toilet training and for older incontenant dogs. They are great for dominant dogs who MUSt leave their scent on everything around them.. (including the expensive couch).

The garment is a narrow piece of material that is lined with a disposable diaper or a sanitary  napkin. It is fitted around a male dog’s waist and secured with strips of velcro to secure in place. Belly Bands are used only on male dogs.


What are they made out of?

I made Andie’s Belly Band out of Cotton and a light Fleece. This is so it has a little bit of stretch while being soft against the poochies skin. See the design to the right. There is a pouch in the middle to place puppy pads or a napkin to absorb liquid qhich can then easily be disposed of.

Aging Dogs

Providing an elderly dog with a belly band helps keep a dog  clean when he has the urge to urinate. Using a band is particularly useful when  the aging dog has lost control of its bladder or if its urinating habits have  changed due to disease or confusion.


The Belly Band is not meant to be worn constantly and should be taken off when your dog has just been to the bathroom outside. They are a great aid in potty training your puppy or to stop your dog weeing on the furniture. No more running around after your pooch and monitoring his bladder movements.


Growing up with pets.

Animal Welfare League of Qld

The relationship between children and their pets is special and comforting, and brings with it many benefits for the child’s development. Studies have shown that children with pets have higher self-esteem, improved s…ocial skills, and are more popular with their peers. They learn nurturing skills, as well as show improved empathy and a more caring attitude. There is also evidence that pet ownership may help develop non-verbal communication.
Pet ownership may have a beneficial effect on family harmony. Research shows that families spend a lot more time interacting after the acquisition of a pet. Pets provide a focus for fun activities and friendly conversation. The relaxation and relief from stress provided by animal companionship also yields measurable health benefits for parents. Pet owners have a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, fewer minor illnesses and complaints, and visit the doctor less often than their “petless” counterparts.   Owning a dog can be a delightful family experience. Children learn to interact with and take responsibility for the health and well-being of the dog. However, while the ownership of a dog may have enormous benefits for the child, parents need to teach children how to behave around dogs so they can have a safe and enjoyable relationship. What are some of the benefits you have found owning your puppy?

The French Dog


I saw this on Puppy Tales and had to share this photo of some very French and extremely Posh Dachshunds. This is from a book called The French Dog by Photographer, Rachael Hale.

Puppy Tales says that after relocating from New Zealand to the South of France Rachael started exploring her new home with her family by taking photos for the first book in this series The French Cat. I MUST buy myself a copy!! I just love how these Daxies are sitting. They look very royal.


Check out more of Rachaels work here



Ben Wood Photography


I was browsing through one of my favourite dog blogs FOURANDSONS When I came across Ben Wood and his delightful whippet babies. I am a huge fan of Whippets, part of the sighthound family, they are playful, intelligent and the miniature version of a Greyhound.. They are quite and gentle and are happy to spend the day napping and chilling out (again much like their Greyhound cousins).

Like Ben says in his Four and Sons interview when asked why did you decide to adopt a Whippet….

“When I moved over to Melbourne I moved into a three storey townhouse so it meant the big dogs I had always owned wouldn’t be appropriate. I considered a Dachshund until I realised the stairs would make them into a slinky. So I chose a whippet as I heard they slept a lot each day and generally did their own thing. They don’t smell, they barely lose hair, they don’t need constant attention and they have a good temperament so I’m really happy I got one by chance. And of course one good whippet deserves another so now we have Billy”.

Turns out Ben is also a photographer – check out these photos of him and his darling Whippets Lily and Billy here